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  • Health and Wellness

    How To Find High Quality Protein Foods And Protein Powders


    Perhaps you’ve been told (or have heard from others) the importance of having quality protein in your diet and to aim for consuming a high protein diet. Have you ever wondered what protein even is and why it is important? Or, what happens to protein in your body? More importantly, how to find healthy whole foods and protein powders that are high quality? In this blog post, we break down all of these questions and cut the confusion so you…

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  • Medicine

    How To Build A Healthier Body By Understanding Your Body Fat

    healthier body

    Do you know what percentage of your body weight is fat? Have you struggled with losing excess fat? Are you frustrated with why you store fat in certain areas on your body and why it’s so hard for it to just-go-away-already?! In this post, we dive into why body fat is important, what fat does for your body, the health issues associated with excess fat, how to calculate your body fat %, and how to (finally!) lose fat for good!…

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  • Health and Wellness

    Why Alone Time Is So Important And How To Make The Most Out Of It

    Why alone time is so important

    As I write this post, it’s 5am in the morning. The apartment is quiet, the lights are dim, and I’m nursing a warm cup of black coffee. For those in self-quarantine, lock-down, or social distancing from COVID-19, your morning may extend until…well- maybe all day long?! So what are some fun things to do during your alone time? And why is alone time important for both you and your relationship? Let’s dive in! Why Is Alone Time Important? As an…

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  • Weight Loss Surgery

    Is Your Bariatric Vitamin Patch More Effective Than Pills?

    Bariatric Vitamins for Surgery Weight Loss Surgery Patients

    If you’ve had weight loss surgery, it is very important that you continue to take your bariatric vitamins every day for the rest of your life. Bariatric vitamins now come in different forms: chewable, pill, injections, and a transdermal patch. The question then becomes raised; are bariatric vitamins that come in the transdermal patch more effective than taking pills? What are the best bariatric vitamins for weight loss surgery patients? As a weight loss surgery patients, you are at high…

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