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    3 Easy Ways To Make Time For Yourself While Multitasking

    relax, unwind, self love, self care

    Are you guilty of ditching yourself? When it’s Saturday morning- the start to a fresh weekend- what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up (well…maybe aside from the immediate first thought of…’but first, COFFEE!’)?

    If you’re like me and instantly start planning out your day with “To-Dos” (ie: breakfast, gym, errands, food prep, meeting up with “x”, touching base with “y”) you may be guilty of ditching yourself. Don’t worry!

    Here are 3 easy ways to make time for yourself. You’ll still get all of your duties done this weekend while simultaneously carving out precious time to prioritize yourself!

    Download an Audiobook

    relax, unwind, self love, self care

    Need to run some errands or do some chores around the house? You can still multitask while simultaneously focusing on yourself!

    Treat yourself to the luxury of introspection.

    I’ve recently started downloading cheap audiobooks, self-improvement podcasts, and binge worthy relationship podcasts. These are my recent favorites:

      • Audiobook Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne Dyer
      • The School of Greatness Podcast by Lewis Howes
      • Where Should We Begin Podcast by Esther Perel

    If you have a side passion-project or hobby, podcasts are a great way to expand your education and knowledge base.

    As I play audiobooks or podcasts, I’ll fold clean laundry, clean the house, or connect it to the BlueTooth in my car while driving around town completing my errands.

    I enjoy being productive while simultaneously drawing my attention inward toward the application of the self-help messages.

    Draw Up A Bath


    bath, relax, unwind

    I always used to tell myself; “I don’t have TIME to take a bath…” until I simply made the blessing of a bath a priority, and just started DOING IT.”

    Don’t worry. You can still be productive while you savor bath time.

    Plug the drain, draw the water, and head down to the kitchen to cut up some veggies or unload the dishwasher as your tub awaits.

    Give yourself 5 minutes of productivity before focusing your attention onto the glass of wine / kombucha you’ll need to pour for yourself before heading up to the glorious bath that awaits you.

    Here are some of my rituals when it comes to my biweekly bath routine:

    1. Leave your cellphone on silent
    2. Invest in a bath caddy (I use the one to the right –>)
    3. Sprinkle some essential oils into your water
    4. Dim the lights
    5. Light up a few candles

    Even if it’s for 15 minutes, savor the way your muscles relax, your breathing slows, and how your day-to-day stress slowly dissolves.

    You officially have permission to spend undivided attention on you, and you alone.


    Put your phone facedown (on silent), turn the TV off, and mute all digital distractions. Dim the lights to establish an ambience, and grab a pillow to prop up your feet.

    Just sit there, or lie still.

    Wrap yourself in a blanket, or change into comfy clothes. The key is finding enjoyment in serenity.


    Even though weekends tend to bring a flurry of activities, errands, and social appointments, schedule in time to get stuck with yourself.

    You don’t have to give up multitasking in order to be introspective and enjoy peace with yourself. And you ESPECIALLY don’t need to dedicate an extensive amount of time to do so!

    Ten to fifteen minutes of listening to an audiobook, playing a podcast, drawing a bath, or simply savoring silence will feel luxurious. Love your body and replenish what it needs.

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