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    3 Simplistic Truths On How To Live The Most Balanced Life

    organic truth, balanced life

    Are you overwhelmed by all of the health information out there? Confused by the contradictory messages sent to us by different diets, social icons, and government programs? I was too! That is, until I decided to “cut the fluff” and boil things down to my three “Simple Organic Truths.” These are the three core values I have learned to live my life by. This blog post will focus on the first of my simple truths.


    Organic Truth #1

    Staying Emotionally Centered

    In order to stay emotionally centered, we have to establish a sense of balance. I recognize that is “easier said than done.” Especially when Life throws us many dodgeballs! [Understand what I mean with my Youtube video: Life Is A Game Of Dodgeball!]

    Here’s the truth:

    • Life gets stressful.
    • It gets emotionally draining.
    • It gets riddled with feelings of anxiety, depression, jealousy, severe frustration and impatience at times (or oftentimes!).

    So How Do You Stay Centered When You’re In The Midst Of A Stress-Induced Breakdown?

    organic truth, balanced life

    Here’s how I work myself down when my environment has thrown me into “flight-or-fight” mode with my anxiety and stress levels through the roof:


    I first start by relaxing my shoulders.

    I don’t pressure myself into thinking about anything else other than the tension I’m carrying in my upper body. My first thought, after acknowledging; “man, I’m feeling really overwhelmed and maximally stressed out right now!” is to default to; “I’m going to physically relax my shoulders.”

    Many mental breakdowns have subsided in my life from the physical act of relaxing my shoulders.

    Once I allow myself to physically enter a more relaxed state, I mentally focus on separating myself from the moment.

    Imagery comes in handy here.

    sedona, az

    What helps me most is to picture a person in my life, a place I love traveling to, or a favorite past memory that brings me complete serenity. I hold on to this person/ place/ thing for as many seconds as you can.

    At this point, while I’m savoring this visual imagery, I inhale and exhale as I mindfully repeat;

    “I am present. I am at peace.”

    (more about my meditative breathing here)

    Once my body is relaxed, and my mind is at ease…

    I allow my Inner Child to perform.

    organic truth, balanced life

    Here is an example of what all of this looks like:

    My anxiety and stress levels hit an all-time high when I was in a surgical residency training program five years ago.

    I was pretty much thrown to the wolves working with some challenging Surgeons in the Operating Room that could smell fear and fresh blood. My heart would pound so fast some days, I literally could not form coherent thoughts in my mind.

    I would then panic over the fact that I was panicking. My body was in “Fight or Flight” mode.

    organic truth, balanced life


    To snap myself out of it, I reverted to the steps as outlined above:


    1. I’d start by relaxing my shoulders and think of my fiance standing next to me.
    2. I’d imagine him humming this silly song we’ve created for each other over the years.
    3. When my breathing would slow and my mental fog would begin to lift, I’d release my Inner Child.

    I’d ask myself; “What would my surgeon do right now if I had to fart so badly, that I couldn’t hold it in any longer?”

    By default, the answer to my question would make me burst into a covered smile and chuckle to myself inaudibly.


    If you find yourself becoming progressively stressed and emotionally off balance, I encourage you to relax your shoulders, imagine serenity, breathe mindfully, and bring out your silly Inner Child.


    Restoring emotional centeredness is at the heart of my Organic Truth #1.

    organic truths, balanced life

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