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    5 Important Questions To Make Sure Your Health Is Right On Track


    Okay, I’m going to ask you a very important question. I don’t want you to take a long time to answer it. Just simply read it and immediately respond with a “yes” or “no” answer to what your gut is trying to tell you.

    Okay, are you ready?

    Here we go:

    Are you taking care of yourself?


    Hopefully you said yes, but if I, myself, am being perfectly honest- up until 3 weeks ago- I probably would have said “no.” Let’s look at a few areas we may or may not need to pay a little extra attention on. All of these areas are important because they keep us balanced mentally, physically, emotionally, and sexually! You heard me!

    1) How Are You Presenting Yourself?


    How are you showing up in this world?

    First thing’s first. How much effort are you putting into your appearance?

    Before you immediately get defensive- “appearance is so superficial!”- hear me out. How we present ourselves in the world is what we’ll attract in return. If we want to FEEL beautiful, confident, and successful, we have to put in the effort, do the work, and let our mindset follow.

    Listen, trust me when I say this… I wholeheartedly support sweatshirts and sweatpants. But here’s some tough love that you need to hear because it’s what I needed to hear from my husband as well. We’re not 21 years old on a college campus commuting between classes with our backpacks on.

    Ouch, harsh I know!

    We’re adults. We’re women- FIERCE women! We are educated, have careers, and are role models for the children and grandchildren in our lives. We are successful and confident!

    If this area needs a little TLC, here’s my recommendation:

    Go get your nails done.


    Getting pampered with my two gorgeous cousins!

    Find a cheap nail salon in town and pamper yourself. I personally feel like there is NOTHING better than looking down at your beautifully crafted nails and instantly feeling pretty, polished, and put together.

    Same goes with the rest of your look. You don’t have to spend hours on your makeup, hair, or outfits. All it takes is a little bit more time that what you’re currently investing right now. This tidbit of time goes a long way.

    Those quick glances in the mirror can turn into double-takes that’ll make you smile and feel like a babe!

    Whether revving up your effort requires showering the night before so your hair is dry and ready to style in the morning, or giving yourself an extra 15 minutes in your morning routine, how you present yourself to this world should absolutely be one of your priorities.

    These things also don’t have to be expensive!

    As a younger sister, I grew up on hand-me-downs and loved having tons of new clothes and accessories to borrow (well…let’s be honest… “borrow”….forever…ha!).

    As adults, my sister and I now love swapping clothes when we’re together! It’s like having 2 closets for the price of 1. So no, clothes don’t have to be expensive.

    However, it IS important that the clothes you choose fit nicely and flatter your body- no matter your shape!

    There are amazing outfits and styles you can find out there for all kinds of shapes and sizes.

    Let yourself splurge here and there on a few new pieces throughout the year. If you’re like me and struggle with style, get some inspiration on Pinterest by searching for “women’s (fall) fashion”- or whichever season you’re in. Or, literally walk into a cute store and ask the sales employee to put together some fun outfits with accessories for you. Better yet- invest in a monthly fashion subscription like StitchFix to have a stylist mail you clothes and accessories on the regular.

    Don’t talk yourself out of grooming your appearance. You deserve it!

    2) How Are Your Relationships?

    How’s everything going with your significant other? Family members? Friends? Time for yourself?

    Are you drowning in work obligations, keeping up with the house, or taking care of the kids? Do you feel exhausted, depleted, inpatient, and defeated? Are you aging from all of your stress?

    Then you need to STOP everything right now. Just STOP.

    I need you to listen to me very closely here.

    You have ONE life. ONE. And you’re not even necessarily guaranteed a healthy and long one! I know this. Every single day, I walk into work and talk with patients who are either battling with cancer, having surgery, dealing with complications, or actively supporting a family member going through something similar.

    Maybe this is you, maybe it’s not. Perhaps you’ve made it to retirement and are ready to travel the world. Or, you just found out that your spouse has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness and now your top priorities are doctor’s appointment, hospital visits, and figuring out how to pay for everything.

    This is REAL LIFE. And it’s not guaranteed to play out how we may imagine it in our minds.

    Do yourself a favor right this very second. Simply STOP…. and just think about what you’re grateful for. What relationships in your life are your top priorities? Who are the most important people in your life that you want to soak up as much time as possible with?

    With one of my beautiful nephews <3
    #vophotographers | #roseandryeatl

    Now look at HOW you are currently structuring your life. How is your day-to-day schedule affecting your relationship with these people?

    What needs to change?

    Do you need to cut back on some of the hours you spend at work? Do you need to hire a babysitter and plan a spontaneous weekend trip with your significant other? Are you making time for date-night on a regular basis? Is the spark in your relationship still glistening? Have you seen some of your close friends and family recently? Do you text, FaceTime, or visit them regularly?

    Perhaps you’re pretty good at maintaining all of these relationships.

    Fantastic! =)

    But here’s my next question:

    3) How Much Time are You Dedicating To Yourself?

    How is your health?

    Are you prioritizing clean, minimally processed foods that make you feel great and fuel your body?

    Are you moving regularly and avoiding sedentary behavior?

    Are you paying attention to your thoughts and mindset?

    Are you avoiding emotional eating?

    Are you emphasizing meditation or stress-relieving measures to keep your mood in balance?

    Are you sleeping enough?

    Are you drinking enough water?

    …I know, it’s a lot!

    It can feel overwhelming just reading through all of these things.

    #vophotographers | #roseandryeatl

    Everything ultimately comes down to the time you have in a week.

    Re-read the last 2 words in the previous sentence. “A week.”

    Not today. Not crammed into 24 hours. Not a laundry list of “To-Dos” that become overwhelming to accomplish when you’re also working a full-time job, keeping up with your appearance, maintaining relationships, and simply trying to “adult.”

    You don’t have to do everything every single day. Life is like a seesaw- when you start to notice it drifting down to one side, you focus on that issue and focus on bringing it level again.

    Has it been a few days since you’ve intentionally moved? Make time for a workout. Feel like you’ve been over-indulging in junk food or sweets? Prioritize purging your pantry and planning clean meals. Have you been rolling out of bed and wearing wrinkled clothes to work? Take a few extra minutes to polish your appearance. Forgot to follow-up on something exciting your friend recently shared with you a few days ago? Swing her a quick text.

    4) Finding the Balance

    At the end of the day, life is all about balance.

    When we’re balanced, we’re at peace with ourselves. We prioritize how we present ourselves to the world, we feel beautiful, confident, and successful. When we re-prioritize how we schedule our time, we make room to invest in important relationships.

    As a result of making time for our own health, we feel healthier, become re-energized, and ultimately are better able to offer more love and support to others who may need some TLC too.

    5) How Are You Showing Up In This World?

    • What needs some work?
    • What are you struggling with?
    • What have you been prioritizing?
    • What is working well?

    I’d love to hear what you have to say! Comment below, send me an email (thehealthyhabiteer@gmail.com), or share it in the Facebook Community with others just like you!

    Life is all about continually trying to keep your seesaw level. Let’s work hard to live the balanced life.

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