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    6 Simple & Healthy 4th Of July Recipes That Will Delight Your Guests!

    4th of july

    This 4th of July, we celebrate our country’s 244th year of Independence from Great Britain (since 1776)! If you’re looking to eat healthier this time around but feel overwhelmed, short on time, and perhaps straight-up confused on how to find healthy recipes to keep your dishes fresh and exciting, let me help you out! I’ve searched the internet for some tasty (and healthy) recipes that are a no-brainer for your upcoming 4th of July party; whether you’re hosting or attending as a socially distanced guest. Enjoy these 4th of July recipes!

    4th of July recipes


    Bacon Avocado Jalapeno Poppers

    Whenever possible (and if your budget allows), aim for recipe ingredients that are minimally processed. For dairy products, read the nutrition label and be sure you can actually pronounce (and recognize) all of the ingredients! 

    When it comes to bacon, the highest quality you can find would be pasture raised. This does come with a price tag, so bear that in mind. Otherwise, look for “nitrite-free” labels and scan for sugar. Some come with brown sugar and others with different sweeteners. Ideally- find a brand of bacon that doesn’t have added sugar at all!


    Cranberry Pomegranate Citrus Mocktail

    A mocktail is different from a cocktail in that it does not contain alcohol.

    You can turn any cocktail into a mocktail by leaving out the alcohol or using sparkling water as a substitute. Typically, mocktail recipes combine a fruit juice with sparkling water and are served in a fancy glass.

    When it comes to buying sparkling water, be cautious! Seltzer water should not contain any sugar and is strictly carbonated water.

    Tonic water, on the other hand, is carbonated sugared water.

    If you’re ever unsure, flip the bottle around in the store and read the nutrition label. There should always be 0g of sugar in carbonated waters.


    Arugula & Strawberry Salad with Cayenne Lemon Vinaigrette

    Broccoli & Bacon Salad

    Nothing freshens up a salad than in-season fruits. This salad is sure to explode your taste buds if you prioritize fresh strawberries (and it definitely may be worth the organic splurge here to get that super fresh taste!). 

    Save yourself some time by making the salad dressing in advance. Dump all of your salad dressing ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. You can even make a double batch so you’ll have extra in the fridge!

    Let yourself be creative; why not repurpose the salad dressing as a marinade for chicken breasts later on in the week…?

    My favorite kitchen items in this recipe:

    For the broccoli salad, keep meal prep simple by buying broccoli pre-chopped. If you decide to also make the bacon avocado jalapeno poppers from above, you can use the extra bacon to this salad too.


    Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs

    While you’re at the grill throwing on some 4th of July staples, add some tangy kebabs to the mix for some diversity!

    When it comes to food prep- make your life easier by buying the vegetables and pineapple in this recipe pre-cut. Not only will it save you sanity, but also time!

    In this recipe, I appreciate their philosophy on using pineapple juice squeezed straight from the pineapple itself (versus canned or sweetened in a bottle of juice). The more whole food ingredients you can use, the better! 

    My favorite kitchen items in this recipe:

    4th of July


    Red, White, & Blue Patriotic Popsicles

    Normally for the 4th of July, I’d gravitate toward skewers of “red, white, and blue” by using strawberries, banana slices, and blueberries. I was excited to find this recipe, however, because not only does it switch things up a bit, but it still maintains the patriotic theme and is also a refreshing frozen treat!

    Not to mention- this is the perfect healthy treat that your kids (or grandkids) will be sure to love.

    Who doesn’t love popsicles?! Especially when you know they’re created from whole fruits!

    My favorite kitchen items in this recipe:

    In Conclusion

    As you prepare yourself for our country’s 244th birthday, now is a great time to plan ahead and think about what menu items you are going to make for your own holiday party, or what you’ll be bringing over to your neighbor’s house. 

    To help you stay organized, print out my FREE meal planner template to keep your new recipes, shopping lists, and cooking ideas altogether in one place! Again, it’s totally free so go ahead and treat yourself!! Happy (early) 4th of July!

    Which 4th of July recipe(s) are you going to try? Share in the Comment section below!

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