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    7 Healthy Christmas Cookies That Will Shock Your Taste Buds

    Healthy Christmas Cookies Recipes

    As a little girl, one of my fondest memories was of my grandma (Omi) spending weeks before Christmas baking all sorts of German cookies and stashing them throughout her house so my grandma (Papa) wouldn’t find them! In keeping with the spirit of baking a diverse spread of Christmas cookies, here are 7 healthy recipes that will leave your taste buds (and waistlines) happy and healthy this Christmas season!

    Paleo Sugar Cookies

    Enjoy sugar cookies? Why not try this healthy recipe with clean & minimally processed ingredients! Of the two icing options, I personally like the sound of #2…

    These easy cut-out Paleo Sugar Cookies are made with almond and coconut flour and sweetened with honey.  The perfect sugar cookies for the holidays that no one will guess are Paleo.  Grain free, refined sugar free, kid approved!

    Grain-Free Soft Ginger Molasses Cookies

    These cookies will cover all of your bases, if you’re gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc!

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    Gingerbread Cookies

    Here’s a healthier take on gingerbread cookies. Rather than use brown sugar for sweetening, this recipe calls for molasses, maple syrup, and vanilla extract. Get the kids involved and have some fun dressing up your gingerbread men and women!

    Healthy, clean, paleo gingerbread man cookies laid on baking sheet.

    Sugar Cookie Bars

    Why not put sugar cookies into bar form? This recipe gives you the freedom to choose granulated and “sticky” sweeteners of choice, and the good news is, it doesn’t call for too much. On top of it, you’ll be able to get away with sneaking in some protein powder!

    Three healthy no bake sugar cookie bars topped with a dairy-free frosting and sprinkles

    Magic Cookie Bars

    Do you love coconut? Well, you’re in luck with this grain-free magic cookie bar recipe. The MVP ingredients in this recipe is coconut milk and coconut flour.

    Stack of two cookie bars

    Chocolate Coconut Truffles

    If you’re a lover of chocolate and coconut, than these truffles are for you! The recipe calls for vegan sources of chocolate, but if you aren’t a vegan, I’d recommend substituting a different chocolate source. When looking for high quality, minimally processed chocolate, shoot for dark chocolate with a cacao content > 75%. As always, check your ingredients and keep the number of ingredients small and easy to read and understand.

    Vegan Coconut Truffles – Paleo Chocolate Coconut Balls! This gluten free dairy-free truffles recipe is easy! It’s the best 4-ingredient paleo coconut balls – dipped in chocolate, healthy. #Paleo #Vegan #GlutenFree #Coconut #DairyFree #Chocolate | Recipe at BeamingBaker.com

    Almond Butter Blossom Cookies

    Enjoy these chewy and soft almond butter Christmas cookies, especially if you have a peanut allergy since almond butter is the main ingredient. Or, feel free to substitute a different nut butter instead to make different varieties!

    Front view of two Almond Butter Blossom Cookies stacked on each other, one with a bite taken out with a pile of cookies in the background

    In Summary

    Which recipe(s) do you think you’re going to tackle this Christmas holiday? One? All 7? Share a picture of your kitchen and end result in the comments section below or in the FB group! Better yet, swing me an email at: thehealthyhabiteer@gmail.com for my personal address. I’ll gladly accept your cookie creation(s)! (I kid, I kid…)

    Want to save your loved one’s traditional recipes?

    Grab my Family Cookbook Template and keep your most memorable family Holiday dishes in one place.

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