Nutrition Workshop

Learn how to be a better shopping detective and creative chef when time is short, confusion is high, and life is busy!

Attention Health Seekers!

If you're feeling overwhelmed, too busy, or hopeless at the thought of re-hauling your eating habits, then what you're about to experience is the FINAL piece of the puzzle you've been missing all along!

With my Virtual Nutrition Workshop, you’ll discover…

The Keys To Clean Eating

How to finally wrap your head around healthy eating without deciphering confusing food labels and bogus food marketing claims.

Successful Cooking Strategies

Effective ways to make cooking easy, fast, and efficient so you can spend more time doing the things you love, and less time shopping at the grocery store and standing in the kitchen.

Specific Examples

You’ll get a host of specific examples on how to make healthier swaps for the foods you and your family love to eat.

Exclusive Content

You’ll have a behind-the-scenes look at the exact content and coaching strategies I use in my Kick-Start Weight Loss Program.

Does Nutrition Make You Feel Confused & Overwhelmed?

nutrition workshop

I, too, struggled with my diet and was confused by nutrition.

As a kid and teenager, I grew up eating “fat free,” “sugar free,” and “diet” everything. I thought whole wheat and whole grain marketing claims meant the food I was eating was healthy. I’d choose frozen yogurt and 94% fat free microwavable popcorn as late night snacks because I thought it was healthier than indulging in the full fat versions.

I was wrong.

In order to right that wrong, I began diving DEEP into the medical literature to educate myself on nutrition, how to clean out my diet, and maintainable ways to break down barriers holding me back from sustaining my new healthy habits.

And you know what?

I lost weight, felt amazing, thought more clearly, improved my memory, slept more soundly, had more energy during my workouts, and improved my stamina at work.

To say I was ECSTATIC about my results was an understatement!

The BEST part? YOU get to share in my personal breakthroughs with my Nutrition Workshop!

Who Am I?
And Why Should You Listen To Me?

As a Surgical Physician Assistant and supporter of an older sister who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28, I have spent the last 10 years digging deep into medical journals and nutritional research to find the secrets of how to live a healthier lifestyle.

I've gone so far as to obtain another national board certification as a Physician Assistant Specialist in Obesity Medicine (being 1 of only 6 other PAs in the country to obtain this certification).

What did I do all of this?

One reason: I am truly passionate about using nutrition to heal our bodies and to restore it to a healthier state. There's way too much cancer, immunologic disease, and autoimmune disorders that I see every single day in clinic, at the hospital, and in the operating room at work.

Enough is enough!

With all of that said, I want nothing more than to share all of the (absolute GOLD) information with YOU, so you can become empowered and inspired to take back control of your health and to experience the joy of living your best life.


With my Nutrition Workshop, I peel back the curtain on successful health secrets, saving you literally YEARS of research, time, and money!​


You’ll save literally 1,000s of hours not having to Google information on nutrition and healthy eating (which may or may not be coming from a credible source to begin with).


Say bu-bye to the confusion over which foods are healthy to eat and which substitutions are better alternatives.

nutrition workshop

Information Overload

I help break down complex nutritional concepts into digestible pieces that are easy to understand, actionable, and proven to give you results that will LAST your lifetime (no fad diets here!).


The information provided in the nutrition workshop contains highly valuable content and personalized coaching typically only available in my Kick Start Weight Loss Program! (Consider it a free Health Coaching session!).

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Don't miss your unique chance to discover:

* The keys of clean eating

* Successful cooking strategies

* Loads of examples on how to make healthier food swaps

* Step-by-step action steps

* And a LIVE Q&A session with me during the Virtual Nutrition Workshop!