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    Seven Hosting Tips When Your Family Comes To Town


    With our first home bought, everything in order, and our new baby settled out into a scheduled daily routine, my husband and I were ready to finally start hosting family. My brother, his wife, two kids (5 and 3), and my parents were eager to visit, and we were happy to host them. The house was full for a week and a half. And while it can be exciting and fun to be with family, it can be equally stressful…

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    In Case You Missed It


    We’ve covered a lot of ground since then November 2020 through April 2021. Catch up on all of the good stuff from blog posts, FREEBIES, and social media posts! Blog Posts How To Survive Thanksgiving Without Sabotaging Your Health Goals! 6 Popular Thanksgiving Side Dishes Made Healthier Third Trimester of Pregnancy Symptoms: Weeks 28-40 7 Healthy Christmas Cookies That Will Shock Your Taste Buds Have You Slowly Been Regaining Weight Since Your Weight Loss Surgery? The Ultimate Baby Registry Guide…

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  • Weight Loss Surgery

    How To Get Back on Track After Bariatric Weight Regain

    After surgery, it is estimated that 20-35% of patients will have significant weight regain depending on the specific procedure performed and how far out you are from surgery. If you are struggling with weight plateaus or regain, this can be very distressing. You may be feeling anxious, guilty, ashamed, and/or reluctant to attend your follow-up appointments. However, before you throw in the towel, there are a few things worth considering when it comes to weight plateaus or weight regain after…

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