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Bariatric Surgeons

  • Are your patients struggling with weight regain following Bariatric Surgery?
  • Do you wish you could help them get back-on-track, but lack the resources and time to do so?
  • Are you hoping to offer new patients who don’t qualify for surgery additional resources before you turn them away?

As A Surgeon…

You’re busy.

You’re spread thin.

You spend countless hours increasing productivity, wRVUs, operative volume, seeing new referrals, and upholding rigorous ASMBS/ MBSAQIP guidelines to keep your Bariatric practice thriving.

You do all of these things while maintaining exceptional patient outcomes.

Your patients are compliant with follow-up appointments, take their Bariatric multivitamins religiously, and show significant weight loss.

At least at first…

Then 6+ months after surgery, some of your patients’ progress starts to stall. Their weight begins to plateau or they start noticing weight regain. They’re frustrated, embarrassed, and feel defeated and start to “fall off the bandwagon.”

Unfortunately, some of these patients end up in the Emergency Department with a post-operative complication, or in your office asking for weight loss medications or revisional bariatric surgeries.

You Want to Help Your Patients Succeed, BUT

  • You lack the time and resources to provide an appropriate “kick start” program for your patients
  • You wish you had a qualified provider experienced in Bariatric Surgery to give personalized (and passionate) care & attention to your patients
  • You don’t want extra work
  • You don’t want additional expenses each month
  • You don’t want a Program that you have to push hard to sell

Let Me Help You!

PA Health coaching

I’m Kate. I’m a Surgical Physician Assistant with extensive experience in Bariatric Surgery and am a Board Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management. I am the founder and CEO of the 12 Week Weight Management Program (“12w WMP”).

My 12 Week Weight Management Program is an intensive accountability program that will help your Bariatric patients regain control over their health for the rest of their lives. 

The Program is designed to help your patients break through stubborn weight plateaus and weight regain following surgery.

Additionally, the Program is also available for those struggling with obesity who seek Bariatric Surgery but do not meet surgical criteria.

Double win.

12 Week Weight Management Program Details

What Is The Program?

In the 12 Week Weight Management Program, I facilitate as a Physician Assistant Health Coach.

My job is NOT to offer medical advice nor act as a replacement to your current Bariatric team of Advanced Practice Practitioners, Dietitians, Exercise Specialists, etc. 

The Program is designed to serve as an adjunct to the services you already provide.

However, with experience as a Bariatric PA, I will always be screening for “red flag” symptoms that would prompt immediate follow-up with your Bariatric Team.

The 12 Week Weight Management Program content is (100%!) founded in randomized control trials and evidence-based medicine. Content is additionally adopted from ASMBS, MBSAQIP, TOS, AACE/ACE, ADA, OAC (etc.) national organization guidelines.

Rest assured, the information your patients will be given during the 12w WMP is of the highest quality.

What Will the 12w WMP Be Like?

This Program is intensive. Your patients will purge their diets and learn how to eat clean, minimally processed foods in alignment with Bariatric healthy eating behaviors. There is absolutely NO promotion of packaged products, meal replacements, or processed food or beverage items. Your patients will be taught core nutritional education, cooking skills, meal planning, and real-life strategies to help them regain control of their health for the rest of their lives. 

bariatric surgery

Together, your patients and I will work through personal barriers that prevent them from moving regularly. They will be given a prescription for exercise that is supported by obesity research and is tailored specifically for weight loss. The Program will also meet them exactly where they are; even if that looks like simple exercise movements that can be performed on their couch right in their own living room.

I also do something very unique that is hard to find in other diet or weight loss programs. Your patients and I are going to dig deep into their mindset and evaluate their emotional eating. Using principles from cognitive behavioral strategies, they’ll learn how to over-ride negative self-talk and emotionally charged behaviors that lead to overeating. We’ll create healthier coping mechanisms that are non-food-based alternatives.

How Is the 12w WMP Designed?

The 12w WMP is all virtual. That’s right! No need for your patients to jump in the car, spend time away from family, or time away from work to accomplish their lifelong health goals. They can complete 100% of the Program from the comfort of their homes!

Once enrolled in the Program, your patients will be sent triweekly emails delivered to their inbox every few days. These emails will walk them through the program, step-by-step.

The 3 months of the Program are broken down into Nutrition, Movement, and Mindfulness. Each week is a new topic, and within each week, they will be emailed mini videos labeled Parts 1, 2, and 3.

They will have FREE access to the 12w WMP Workbook. They will have weekly accountability assignments in order to skyrocket their success. This workbook frequently re-assesses their progress so they no longer have to “go back and try to remember” anything from earlier in the Program.

accountability workbook

In addition to all of these things, they will be part of a Private Facebook Community. Here, they will be amongst a group of supportive Bariatric friends. We will participate in regular group webinars, host Q&A sessions, and share extra resources to help maintain everyone’s stamina.

If that weren’t enough, they can have EVEN MORE personal access to me with 1-on-1 PA Health Coaching calls. In these calls, we will spend 60 minutes working specifically on personal barriers impeding their progress. Each call will end with goal-setting and accountability assignment(s).

Included in the Program:

36 videos on Nutrition, Movement, and Mindfulness

Triweekly emails

3 Month Accountability Workbook

Meal Planner

Weekly Accountability Assignments

Weekly Re-assessments

Access to Private Facebook Group

Social Media PA Health Coach Facilitation

Group Video Sessions

Q&A sessions

Additional PDFs, Handouts, Recipes, and more!

A-la-carte 1:1 PA Health Coaching Calls

How Your Practice Will Benefit:

  1. Improved patient access to high quality care
  2. Improved peri-operative outcomes
  3. Improved patient satisfaction
  4. Increased patient referrals
  5. Increased volume of new patients
  6. Increased volume of new surgeries
  7. FREE marketing
  8. FREE advertising
  9. Increased Practice revenue $$$$$

Program Pricing

Your Practice is unique. To best serve the individual needs of your Practice, allow me to learn a little bit more about you and your team.

By clicking below, I will send you example revenue streams of how the Program can make your Practice $$, Program flyers for your patients and support staff, and immersion into the Program Crash Course (so you can see how everything works behind-the-scenes)!

But what is most effective, is jumping on a quick 15 minute call after you’re done to see what will work best, specifically for your Practice.



Kate Fuss