Bariatric Surgeons

  • Are your patients struggling with weight regain following Bariatric Surgery?
  • Do you wish you could help them get back-on-track, but lack the resources and time to do so?
  • Are you hoping to offer new patients who don’t qualify for surgery additional resources before you turn them away?

As A Surgeon…

You’re busy.

You’re spread thin.

You spend countless hours increasing productivity, wRVUs, operative volume, seeing new referrals, and upholding rigorous ASMBS/ MBSAQIP guidelines to keep your Bariatric practice thriving.

You do all of these things while maintaining exceptional patient outcomes.

Your patients are compliant with follow-up appointments, take their Bariatric multivitamins religiously, and show significant weight loss.

At least at first…

Then 6+ months after surgery, some of your patients’ progress starts to stall.

Their weight begins to plateau or they start noticing weight regain.

They’re frustrated, embarrassed, and feel defeated and start to “fall off the bandwagon.”

Unfortunately, some of these patients end up in the Emergency Department with a post-operative complication, or in your office asking for weight loss medications or revisional bariatric surgeries.

You Want to Help Your Patients Succeed, BUT…

  • You lack the time and resources to provide an appropriate “kick start” program for your patients
  • You wish you had a qualified provider experienced in Bariatric Surgery to give personalized (and passionate) care & attention to your patients
  • You don’t want extra work
  • You don’t want additional expenses each month
  • You don’t want a Program that you have to push hard to sell

Let Me Help You!

PA Health coaching

I’m Kate. I’m a Surgical Physician Assistant with extensive experience in Bariatric Surgery and am a Board Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management.

I am the founder and CEO of the 12 Week Weight Management Program (“12w WMP”).

My 12 Week Weight Management Program is a “kick-start” weight loss program to help your Bariatric patients regain control over their health for the rest of their lives. 

Additionally, the Program is also available for those struggling with overweight or obesity who are non-surgical patients.

How Your Practice Will Benefit:

  1. Improved patient access to high quality care
  2. Improved peri-operative outcomes
  3. Improved patient satisfaction
  4. Increased patient referrals
  5. Increased volume of new patients
  6. Increased volume of new surgeries
  7. FREE marketing
  8. FREE advertising
  9. Increased Practice revenue $$$$$

Program Pricing

Your Practice is unique. To best serve the individual needs of your Practice, allow me to learn a little bit more about you and your team.



Kate Fuss