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    Kidney Stones: What You Need To Know

    kidney stones what you need to know - image of a person with kidney stones pain

    Have you ever had a kidney stone? It’s no fun- am I right? Unfortunately, kidney stones are a common complication after weight loss surgery due a host of reasons and is a popular topic I discuss in my bariatric support groups. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the risk factors of developing kidney stones after surgery, important measures to prevent the development of kidney stones, and what to do if you are trying to pass one. Weight Loss Surgery And…

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    Everything You Need To Know About The Tummy Tuck Procedure

    tummy tuck

    I was inspired to put together this Tummy Tuck Talk due to interest I kept seeing on different (Bariatric) Facebook Groups. Since there were so many questions about cost, recovery, requirements, and more (!), I decided to record a webinar presentation specifically on the Tummy Tuck procedure. When I finished the presentation, I thought…”Wow- this is essentially an exact version of the consultation appointments I give to my patients in my Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery clinic!” Rather than showing up at your Plastic…

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    How To Build A Healthier Body By Understanding Your Body Fat

    healthier body

    Do you know what percentage of your body weight is fat? Have you struggled with losing excess fat? Are you frustrated with why you store fat in certain areas on your body and why it’s so hard for it to just-go-away-already?! In this post, we dive into why body fat is important, what fat does for your body, the health issues associated with excess fat, how to calculate your body fat %, and how to (finally!) lose fat for good!…

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