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    How To Get Back on Track After Bariatric Weight Regain

    After surgery, it is estimated that 20-35% of patients will have significant weight regain depending on the specific procedure performed and how far out you are from surgery. If you are struggling with weight plateaus or regain, this can be very distressing. You may be feeling anxious, guilty, ashamed, and/or reluctant to attend your follow-up appointments. However, before you throw in the towel, there are a few things worth considering when it comes to weight plateaus or weight regain after…

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    Have You Slowly Been Regaining Weight Since Your Weight Loss Surgery?

    regaining weight after weight loss surgery

    Weight regain (or weight plateaus) after bariatric surgery is actually quite common. There are many reasons for why this can happen. Typically, the most common reasons are due to reverting back to old habits, changes in your exercise routine, your psychological mindset, and circumstances of every day life (ie: work environment, support system etc.). If you’ve been struggling with weight plateaus or regaining weight, let’s see if any of the following scenarios sound familiar in order to dive deeper into…

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    Everything You Need To Know About The Tummy Tuck Procedure

    tummy tuck

    I was inspired to put together this Tummy Tuck Talk due to interest I kept seeing on different (Bariatric) Facebook Groups. Since there were so many questions about cost, recovery, requirements, and more (!), I decided to record a webinar presentation specifically on the Tummy Tuck procedure. When I finished the presentation, I thought…”Wow- this is essentially an exact version of the consultation appointments I give to my patients in my Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery clinic!” Rather than showing up at your Plastic…

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