Concierge Bariatric Support Group Services

Are you a leader in your Bariatric Support Group?

Do You…

➡️ Feel spread thin with all of your roles and responsibilities?

➡️ Wish you had a content calendar of topics that required NO additional work to put together?

➡️ Want to keep your Support Group members engaged and excited?

➡️ Need a medical provider with experience in Bariatric Surgery to help facilitate your Support Group?

Let Me Help You!

12 week weight management program

Hi! I’m Kate. I am a Surgical Physician Assistant with extensive experience in Bariatric Surgery and am a Board Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management.

Allow me to support you as a Concierge Virtual Support Group Facilitator.

My Philosophy

  • I am passionate about promoting healthy habit creation with patients struggling with obesity, and pride myself on being an active listener
  • I work hard to inspire and educate patients on the importance of eating clean and minimally processed foods
  • I believe in a comfortable teaching environment that is professional yet casual so patients can be feel comfortable and safe to open up
  • I practice motivational interviewing during group calls so patients can learn to create their own solutions to their personal road blocks
  • I offer Support Group Packages that make it easy to stay ahead of your content calendar for the year
  • Imagine having months (or a year’s worth!) of lesson plans, handouts, resources pre-scheduled
  • Imagine having a more engaged audience in your groups AND social media platforms – all WITHOUT lifting your finger!

Talk about a weight lifted off your shoulders… am I right?

Extra Perks?

With any of my packages, you’ll gain a more motivated and inspired audience who will be excited (!) for the next Support Group Session! With this excitement comes action, effort, and RESULTS.

Are you ready for your patients to succeed and to spread the word to fellow patients, friends, family members, and colleagues?

Are you ready to MAGNIFY the impact of your Support Group and draw in a bigger crowd with higher attendance rates?


Content within each package applies to those who struggle with obesity, are considering weight loss surgery, or have had weight loss surgery and are beyond the Bariatric Phase Diets.

Each package contains:

  1. A set number of group calls (with no deadline on when they can be scheduled)
  2. 20-30 minute powerpoint presentations (with plenty of time for active participation and Q&A session)
    1. Content from these presentations comes from my 12 Week Weight Management Program (a kick-start weight loss program for those struggling with weight plateaus or weight regain; pre or post weight loss surgery)
  3. Free handouts, resources, or demonstrations (that can be shared directly with your patients and across your social media platforms)


Nutritional Workshop

3 Group Calls


  • Part #1: WHAT DO I EAT? A guide to eating whole foods that are clean & minimally processed, choosing nutrient dense food, and understanding systemic inflammation.
    • Bariatric Multivitamin Handout
  • Part #2: HOW SHOULD I EAT? Understanding portion sizes, macronutrients, and satiety levels.
    • Bariatric Healthy Eating Behaviors Handout
  • Part #3: WHERE DO I START? Purging the pantry, stocking up on healthy groceries, whole food substitutes for processed foods, and setting realistic expectations of one’s health journey.
    • Meal Planner Template


Emotional Eating Workshop

6 Group Calls

healthy eating behaviors

  • PACKAGE A: (3 calls) +
  • OVERCOMING EMOTIONAL EATING: Clarifying cravings, evaluating hunger signals, identifying emotional triggers, controlling environmental factors, slowing the pace of eating, and connecting with how food makes one feel.
    • Healthy Habit Worksheet
  • UNDERSTANDING YOUR BODY: Learning inside hormonal “cues,” decoding outside food temptations, and making an informed decision aligned with one’s “Why.”
    • Exercise: 5 challenging social scenarios with “What would you do?” conversation starters.
  • ALL ABOUT PROTEIN: Understanding what protein is, what happens to protein in one’s body, the benefits of high quality protein, investigating the different kinds of protein powders, and finding high quality protein sources.
    • High Protein Foods Handout & Shopping List


Comprehensive Workshop

12 Group Calls

putting yourself first

  • PACKAGE B: (6 calls) +
  • INCREASING WATER INTAKE: Understanding the importance of drinking water, determining how much water to drink each day, drinking water to lose weight, and 6 fun ways to increase water intake.
    • Water Habit Tracker
  • MAKING A MOVE: Avoiding sedentary behavior, appreciating the benefits of movement, examples of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, building in flexibility & mobility, and appropriate modifications for total joint replacements.
    • Exercise Rx For Weight Loss
  • BARRIERS TO EXERCISE: Recognizing time, energy levels, motivation, physical limitations, and body image as impeding factors to building in movement.
    • Movement Action Plan
  • CONTOUR SURGERY: Appreciating the different kinds of contour surgeries, optimizing health prior to surgery, understanding the risks / benefits / alternatives of surgery, and recognizing post-operative restrictions and instructions.
    • Before & After Pictures of “Tummy Tuck”, “Bat Wing,” and “Breast Lift” Surgeries
  • RELATIONSHIPS & WEIGHT LOSS: Dealing with partner and friend jealousy, new sources of attention, and shifts in personalities. Avoiding temptations to revert back to old behaviors. Preventing changes in relationships and learning to celebrate one’s new body.
    • Morning Mantra Handout
  • MINDFULNESS: Correlating mood with certain types of food, prioritizing foods that uplift one’s energy and mindset, digging out from feelings of defeat and helplessness, and experimenting with non-food solutions for emotional eating.
    • Healthy Habit Workbook
    • Meditative Breathing Demonstration


Amazing Journeys Bariatric Support Group

The sample Zoom video clip below was from Part 3 / 3 of the Nutritional Workshop.

[Support Group member name kept anonymous]

Santa Rosa Bariatric Support Group

The sample Zoom video clip below was from Part 1 / 3 of the Contour Surgery Workshop.

My Promise To You & Your Patients

I stand strongly behind the content within each Support Group Package presentation. All of the information within these presentations are based on evidence-based medicine and national (ASMBS) guidelines.

I am passionate and dedicated toward health & wellness advocacy- particularly for those struggling with obesity.

I strive to engage, inspire, and motivate patients to take accountability for their health and to transform their lives into happier and healthier versions of their current selves.

As a commitment to your investment in any of my Support Group Packages, I promise to deliver high quality content, dedication to your patients, and to inspire and motivate your patients to take back control of their health.

If, after your first Support Group call, you feel like my promise to you (and your patients) has been broken, I promise to return 100% of your investment back to you- no questions asked.

Now The Fun Part!


Kate Fuss