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    Consistently Banish Weight Gain With This Breakthrough Solution

    virtual weight management program

    So much information on the internet is focused on what to eat or how to eat. You’d think by now- with all of the information out there for us to absorb- we’d all be losing weight and keeping it off, right? …Sigh…

    Here’s a little secret I’ve uncovered about weight regain / weight plateaus.

    I’ve experienced this (repetitively) in my own life and from those in my virtual weight management program.We’re emotional eaters. We may acknowledge that we use food as an emotional crutch, but we can’t seem to grasp how to get the upper hand over our relationship with food. No matter how hard we try, the leftover pizza and bottle of wine in the fridge always win.

    Emotional eating can drive serious binges. All of those great changes you may be making in your diet can completely become sabotaged when our emotions kick in and send us straight to the pantry for chips, dried fruit, and chocolate bars.

    So what’s the missing piece? What keeps us from face-planting into a bag of oreos?

    virtual weight management program


    Now before you completely check out and chalk this up to being something too “woo-woo” for you to handle, hear me out…

    When we feel motivated to sign up for a weight loss program, the majority of us bring along an All-or-Nothing mindset. We become robotic like:

    • What are the rules?
    • What can I eat?
    • Why can’t I eat that?
    • When do I eat?
    • How should I eat?

    But the question we so often neglect is;

    How am I feeling about what I am eating?

    In my Virtual Weight Management Program, we dig deep into what personal factors drive your binges. What are your triggers? What are your cravings? What is going to work for YOU?

    We break down cravings for what they are:

    • Micronutrient deficiencies
    • Taste bud receptor signals
    • Emotional imposters, etc.

    We sit with our emotions.

    virtual weight management program

    We spend a lot of time listening to the thoughts in our heads. We challenge the things we hold “true” and the internal dialogue and storylines. We develop strategies on how to get a handle on our feelings and emotions that are counterproductive to our health goals.

    It’s heavy, intensive work.

    However, in the Virtual Weight Management Program, we devote an extensive amount of time to the development of a mental skillset that requires us to PAUSE.

    It is in this moment that we bring curiosity to our feelings, label our emotions, reframe our mindset, challenge our internal dialogue, and behave in a new way that is forgiving and in alignment with our goals.

    It is all about being intentional.

    We emphasize the missing piece that most diets and weight loss programs lack. We bring accountability and responsibility to not just our behaviors, but our thoughts and mindfulness. In doing so, we successfully break through weight plateaus and periods of weight regain because we address personalized barriers that have been chronically holding us back. And above all, we do it in a way that encourages self-love and respect.

    virtual weight management program

    If you’d like to learn more about the program, click here. You can stay in the loop by joining the Healthy Habiteer community on Facebook or by keeping an eye out for announcements of the next open enrollment period. I hope to see you soon!

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