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    Finding Gratefulness When You’re Deep In The Grit


    Have you ever had one of those days when your morning is early, your work day is long, and all you want to do when you come home is change into comfy clothes, enjoy a delicious dinner, and sit in front of the TV? How about one of those days with the immediate reminder by your significant other to change into workout clothes and lace up your sneakers because you made a daily commitment to hit the gym right after work? It can be hard to feel motivated when you’re in a lazy rut, let alone feel any inkling of gratefulness.


    I’ll be honest. Yesterday, this was me.


    I was just NOT feeling the gym.

    I huffed and puffed.

    I whined.

    I literally stomped my feet, like a toddler, all the way up the stairs to get changed.

    I was in a rut, and was not at all committed to regaining control over my health.


    But my fiancé was steadfast.

    Nope. This is what commitment means. The days we don’t want to do it are the most important. No pain, no gain.


    Begrudgingly, I reached for my yoga pants that had my Wisconsin Bucky Badger mascot printed all over them. They were loud and tacky, but hey… if I was going to work out, I was going to do so with a “what-the-heck” attitude. And it also helped to look down at my legs and see my alma mater reminding me to “buck up” and just Get. It. Done.


    Once we got to the gym, I went for the elliptical and set the machine for 20 minutes. I gave myself a little challenge with resistance; enough to shed an upper body layer of clothing, but nothing too strenuous to break a sweat. My fiancé, on the other hand, was crushing it with heavy weights in the weight room. His music was blasting, his squats were deep, and his muscles were showing definition.


    Good for him!


    And you know what…?


    Good for me!


    Good on me for choosing to move.

    Good on my fiancé for keeping me accountable.

    Good on us for choosing our health.

    Today was a perfect day to reflect on all of the good in my life that I am grateful for.


    1. I am grateful for the support of my significant other, who pushes me when I lack the motivation, because he knows it’s what is really important to me deep down.
    2. I am grateful for the ability to change my mindset so I can “buck up” and power through what needs to get done.
    3. Most of all, I am grateful for my health and strength.


    So to reflect back, could my evening after work been immediately better?


    I could have been eating dried mangos on the couch while watching the Netflix series BloodLine. But I guarantee you the second I’d be through my second helping of mangos, I’d be thinking to myself; “I should have gone to the gym today.”


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