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    Finding The Time To Be Grateful For The Life You Live Today


    The older I get, the more my Gratitude List grows. From my previous post, Being Fooled Into Thinking You’re Not Uptight, When You Are, I mention my red-light meditative exercise that helps me pause in introspection. I use this opportunity to choose a moment in my day to pause and sit still. I slowly replay conversations and events from my day and focus on how something made me feel, or how others around me may be feeling. I reflect on how things have been much worse for me in the past. I reflect on how grateful I am that I no longer have the burden of those hardships.



    My reflections usually start out with something as simple as;

    I am grateful that I have a working car that is safe to drive. I am grateful for the ability of my car to provide air conditioning and heat to keep me comfortable when the weather outside is unbearable.”


    Things I am grateful for change every day. They can occur randomly. Whether it’s stopped at a red light, waiting in a check-out line, or when I’m outside going for a walk, I pause to appreciate what I have in this life that I am truly grateful for.



    As for today, here is my gratitude list:


    I am grateful for health.

    I am thankful that I have an appetite. That I wake up without nausea, pain, immobility, or in a hospital bed.


    I am grateful for access to food.

    A diversity of food. And the luxury of having choices of grocery stores that offer “Organic” or “Non-GMO” versions of foods and drinks.

    grateful, organic

    I am grateful for technology.

    For FaceTime, Wi-Fi, phone apps, etc.


    I am grateful for an upbringing of curiosity.

    To ask, “Why?” and to have a desire and passion to learn.



    I am grateful for those who work relentlessly at their passions.


    I am grateful for those who broaden the perspectives of others and who challenge ingrained belief systems.


    I am grateful for the environment and for moments that surprise me when I least expect it.


    I am grateful for yoga studies and mindfulness/ meditation apps.


    I am grateful for having a partner to navigate scary changes in life with.


    I am grateful for stillness, alone time, and quiet.


    I am grateful for others who are passionate about living positive lives.

    To be surrounded by those who work toward bettering themselves, their outlook on life, and their overall health and well-being.

    I am grateful for family cohesiveness.

    For “Forced Family Fun” at annual family get-togethers, for birthday cards and gatherings, and “Family Lovin’” group text messages.


    I am grateful for peace of mind.



    I am grateful for the miracle of babies.

    For all of the things that could potentially go wrong during pregnancy and delivery, it truly is a miracle we have so many beautiful healthy babies being delivered- especially the recent ones from close friends and family!


    I am grateful for employment.

    For access to health care and benefits, and for friendships with those at work.


    I am grateful for movement.

    That my body is capable of so much strength, forgiveness, and encouragement



    What are you grateful for?

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  • Reply Jennifer Teeters November 2017 at 10:02 PM

    I am grateful is always a great way to start the day. I’m grateful for the eyes I have to read your inspiring words Ms. Kate.

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