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FREE Meal Planner Template

free meal planner template

The Healthy Habiteer Meal Planner Template will help you take the frustration out of weekly meal planning so you never have to wonder;

What the heck am I going to make for dinner tonight?

meal planner template

Are you ready to start simplifying your life?

meal planner template

 I like how the Meal Planner makes it super easy and concise to pick out a well rounded healthy meal with versatility!

Jessie H.
(program alumni)

Download the FREE Meal Planner Template and get:

  • Inspired with fresh recipe ideas (your family will thank you!)
  • Healthy “Grab n’ Go” snack options
  • Healthy Take-Out Restaurants (yes, you can still grab fast food!)
  • Room to build a grocery list
  • Weekly meal plan template (hooray!)
  • Troubleshooting tips when you’re short on time or lack creativity
  • Journal prompts to help you break through cooking barriers
meal planner template
  • Salad dressing, seasonings, sides, and sauce suggestions
  • Health tips from the 12 Week Weight Management Program (bonus!)
  • Serving Size Guide (using just your hand!)