FREE Meal Planner Template


The Healthy Habiteer Meal Planner Template will help you take the frustration out of weekly meal planning so you never have to wonder;

What the heck am I going to make for dinner tonight?

meal planner template

Are you ready to start simplifying your life?

meal planner template

 I like how the Meal Planner makes it super easy and concise to pick out a well rounded healthy meal with versatility!

Jessie H.
(program alumni)

Download the FREE Meal Planner Template and get:

  • Inspired with fresh recipe ideas (your family will thank you!)
  • Healthy “Grab n’ Go” snack options
  • Healthy Take-Out Restaurants (yes, you can still grab fast food!)
  • Room to build a grocery list
  • Weekly meal plan template (hooray!)
  • Troubleshooting tips when you’re short on time or lack creativity
  • Journal prompts to help you break through cooking barriers
meal planner template
  • Salad dressing, seasonings, sides, and sauce suggestions
  • Health tips from the 12 Week Weight Management Program (bonus!)
  • Serving Size Guide (using just your hand!)