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    Have You Slowly Been Regaining Weight Since Your Weight Loss Surgery?

    regaining weight after weight loss surgery

    Weight regain (or weight plateaus) after bariatric surgery is actually quite common. There are many reasons for why this can happen. Typically, the most common reasons are due to reverting back to old habits, changes in your exercise routine, your psychological mindset, and circumstances of every day life (ie: work environment, support system etc.). If you’ve been struggling with weight plateaus or regaining weight, let’s see if any of the following scenarios sound familiar in order to dive deeper into how to get you back on track.

    From the exercise standpoint…

    You were doing great on a regular exercise routine and were feeling well after having your weight loss surgery. The weight was coming off as expected but along your recovery road, you happened to need an additional surgery (ie: total knee replacements or skin removal surgery).

    During your recovery period, you had to put your exercise on hold for a bit. With lack of regular movement and late night snacking, the next thing you know you’re up 30 lbs.

    Or, perhaps you didn’t have additional surgery but your gym membership routine was put on pause because of COVID.

    Before you knew it, you were up 10 lbs. and you realized; “This is not where I want to be [a year and a half out from surgery].”

    You may be thinking; “Hold it. I’m way past my threshold of what I’m comfortable with and I need to get on track.”

    You acknowledge where you are and are trying to get a reign on yourself again.

    From the work standpoint…

    You may have a job that is sedentary and find yourself spending most of your day sitting at your desk.

    You munch, sip, and graze your way through the work week.

    From the psychological standpoint…

    You may be seeing a Therapist for body dysmorphia disorder or are struggling with your self image.

    Even though you may be considered “normal size,” you’re having a really hard time adjusting to the fact that you’re not plus sized anymore and don’t need to shop in that particular section of the store any longer.

    You may even still have some of those initial, terrifying fears, such as worrying about not fitting into something, or sitting on a chair or piece of furniture and feeling scared that it’s going to break.

    Or, you may catch yourself thinking;

    Do I deserve to get all of the weight loss off?

    From the support system standpoint…

    Are you living with a spouse or loved one who…?

    • Despises vegetables and is unwilling to eat them?
    • Makes poor eating choices
    • Pressures you to eat the same quantity of food as them, despite your weight loss surgery portion size restrictions

    If you realize that you’re going downhill fast on your weight loss journey, NOW is the PERFECT TIME to get started in the Program!

    This is it.

    It’s time to get your *self* together.

    It’s time to get back on track.

    It’s time to make a change back to what was previously working for you.

    It’s time to start feeling better and to be more active with your kids.

    It’s time to start thinking ABOUT yourself and do something FOR yourself.

    Click here if you want to get back-on-track!

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