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    How To Get Back on Track After Bariatric Weight Regain

    After surgery, it is estimated that 20-35% of patients will have significant weight regain depending on the specific procedure performed and how far out you are from surgery. If you are struggling with weight plateaus or regain, this can be very distressing. You may be feeling anxious, guilty, ashamed, and/or reluctant to attend your follow-up appointments. However, before you throw in the towel, there are a few things worth considering when it comes to weight plateaus or weight regain after surgery.

    First off, weight plateaus are common and happen after surgery!

    If you have noticed a weight plateau, it does not mean that you are doing anything wrong nor does it require you to “break through” it if you are following appropriate post-surgical guidelines with nutrition and exercise.

    What Are The Most Frequent Reasons Of Weight Plateaus?

    Typically, the most common reasons of weight regain (or weight plateaus) after bariatric surgery are due to reverting back to old habits, changes in your exercise routine, your psychological mindset, and circumstances of every day life (ie: work environment, support system etc.).

    If you’ve been struggling with weight plateaus or regaining weight, I invite you to check to see if any of these scenarios sound familiar to you in order to dive deeper into how to get you back on track.

    What Do You Need To Check?

    • Are you prioritizing protein? Aim for > 60g / day
    • Are you drinking enough water? Aim for > 64oz / day
      For helping you to reach your water intake goal, you can grab my FREE Water Habit Tracker from the Healthy Habit Workbook.
    • Are you getting regular exercise? Aim for up to 300 minutes / week
      Interested in participating in a 1 week Exercise challenge? Post in the FB group so we can do so with you!

    If you are doing regular strength training exercises, this can cause your body to temporarily hold onto water, slowing your weight loss and causing the number on the scale to stall. Don’t fret! Building muscle is important for your metabolism, so be patient with the process and keep up your efforts.

    weight regains and weight plateaus after bariatric surgery

    What Are Other Reasons For Weight Plateaus Or Weight Regain Right After Surgery?

    There are a host of other medical reasons that may explain some weight stagnancy:

    • Surgical reasons: your gastric band may be malfunctioning or not restrictive enough, your gastric pouch may be enlarged, your intestinal connections dilated, or you may have a new link between your stomach and remnant stomach (bypass patients)
    • Your hormones are recalibrating
    • You may be pregnant
    • You may be menopausal
    • You may have high sugar levels and are off your diabetic medications
    • Some of your medications may cause weight gain as a side effect
    • You may have stopped smoking
    • You may have a hormone disorder such as Cushing’s disease or severe low thyroid function (hypothyroidism)

    Are You Falling Back Into Old Unhealthy Habits?

    Sometimes we catch ourselves in habits that sabotage our health goals. Review some of these habits and see if you can identify any that you may be reverting back to:

    • You’ve been grazing, nibbling, and mindlessly munching more often
    • You’re consuming more high energy foods (fast food / processed foods) and sugar-sweetened beverages
    • You no longer have symptoms related to dumping syndrome
    • You feel like you’ve lost control over your urges and are binging more often
    • You are less consistent with your healthy eating behaviors after weight loss surgery
    • You’re drinking more alcohol
    • You’re less active during the day and are more sedentary
    • When you exercise, you aren’t doing enough moderate-and vigorous- intensity exercise
    • You may have an injury limiting your exercise ability

    If any of these ring true with you, try focusing on one at a time and work on it consistently until you feel like you’ve mastered the habit before moving onto the next. Before you know it, you’ll be breaking through your plateau in no time!

    However, if you’re feeling frustrated, are still struggling, and need consistent coaching and accountability to get
    back-on-track… I’m here to help!

    In Summary

    Weight plateaus are common and happen after surgery. While there are a list of medical reasons for why this may happen, sometimes we also tend to fall back into unhealthy habits. Be sure to check out my FREE resource about weight plateaus & weight regain after bariatric surgery so you can strategize a plan for getting back-on-track.

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