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    How To Get Yourself Off The Couch And Burning More Calories

    fitness journal

    Happy 2018 everyone! If you’ve been finding it challenging to get off the couch, to step away from the sweets and snacks, or to motivate yourself to change into cold workout clothes to start your 2018 fitness goals, you’re not alone. The first week of 2018 had been tough cleaning out my mind and body after it was saturated with sugar and all of the holiday luxuries from the previous few weeks. I had been in a workout rut and found it challenging to break the feelings of lethargy and lack of motivation. Convincing myself to simply change into workout clothes had become a mental struggle that usually ended with me pushing the workout to the following day. Eventually, I worked up the motivation to turn my attitude around and to just get my butt over to the gym. But it wasn’t easy…

    Once I finally made it to the gym, I allowed myself to just commit to the warm-up. If I could stay on the treadmill- walk or jog- for 1 mile, I was allowed to go home.

    fitness journal


    The first mile was tough. My body was carrying a little extra weight from the holidays, and my muscles needed some time to wake up and take in some more oxygen. I turned on the gym TV to distract the thoughts that kept badgering me to stop. One mile eventually came, and I actually started feeling pretty good! I pushed it for another mile and then gave myself permission to call it a day.

    Thankfully, the following day wasn’t as hard to get over to the gym as it was the first day.

    Once I got to the gym, I really wasn’t feeling the treadmill. I listened to my body and jumped over to the elliptical for a low impact workout. Twenty minutes went by and I felt better finishing a longer workout than I had the previous day. The intensity of my workout wasn’t necessarily getting stronger, but my length of time in the gym was slowly climbing.

    fitness journal


    This is where it started getting better…!

    The next day was heavenly. I had polished off my rusty gym rut and was now looking forward to a strong workout. All day at work, I was mentally reinforcing the decision to hit the gym hard. When I got home, changed, and made it to the gym, I took over one of the treadmills. My energy levels were high and I found myself not wanting to quit when minute 20 had come along! I told myself to keep running and running and running until I couldn’t take it anymore.

    Sixty minutes later, I was ready to call it quits.

    I felt exhilarated!

    My endorphins were through the roof, my mind was clear and focused, and I was caught up in a post-workout energy that made so elated and proud of the hard work I had just completed, that I needed to channel it somewhere as soon as possible!


    fitness journal

    As soon as I got back to my apartment, I opened my laptop and designed a fitness journal. I wanted to channel my workout energy down into writing. That way, on days when I found myself in a lazy rut without any desire to hit the gym, I could flip through some of my workout journal entries and relive the benefits and inspiration that came with getting my sweat on.



    I’ve uploaded my downloadable and printable fitness journal on my shop page. You can find it here. What I love about the fitness journal is how quick and easy is it to print off. You can print a month, or print a year! Better yet, add some hole punches and throw it into a binder. I even take a page with me to the gym so I can immediately write down my post-workout high!


    Get your sweat on!


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