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    How To Stop Letting Food Pushers Control What You Eat


    You HAVE to eat everything on your plate!

    Children in Africa are starving!

    You served it on your plate, now you have to finish it!

    Did you hear any of these things growing up?

    How many times a DAY…

    How many days a MONTH…

    How many months a YEAR…

    For how many YEARS…

    Did these sentences get drilled into your mind?

    For Lisa*(not her real name), it was a lot.

    Lisa was a patient of mine from this week’s clinic. Over the past few years, she had lost significant weight and had undergone a surgery with us called a “panniculectomy” to remove some of the excess skin and soft tissue of her abdomen.

    She was 3 months out from surgery and looked FANTASTIC. She was glowing.

    ‘Finally,’ she said; ‘my outside matches how I feel on the inside.

    I asked her to go deeper. What did she mean?

    Lisa opened up about her health journey.

    At the beginning of her health journey, Lisa was sedentary. Her career was not very active, and she truly lacked interest in exercising altogether.

    When it came to meals, others would pressure her to…

    • “Eat more”
    • “Finish your plate”
    • “Don’t waste your food”
    • “You served yourself that amount, you have to eat it all”

    As a result – slowly and steadily- her weight continued to climb.

    Internally, Lisa felt healthy.

    She really did.

    But on the outside, it didn’t match.

    One day, her back would be killing her, the next- her thighs would rub and her legs would burn from rashes.

    She was frustrated and aggravated.

    Enough was enough!

    Lisa wanted her outside to finally (!) match her inside.

    She decided to re-prioritize HER health, and stop food-bullies from ruling her eating decisions.

    She recognized that food-pushers were pushing their own agenda. They had their own struggles, fears, and emotional eating behaviors around food that they were projecting onto her.

    She was done.

    She wasn’t having it any more.

    She committed to making a change.

    She began to serve herself less food, listen to her body, and physically (!) push her plate away when she was full (EVEN with food still left on her plate).

    The food-pushers had something to say about her behavior, but she didn’t care.

    She was determined to take back control of her health.

    If only you could see her now!

    After putting in consistent effort for the past few years, now having had her surgery, and a career change where she’s walking regularly (…and admittedly survived running up FIVE flights of stairs the other day!!), she is thriving, happy, and healthy.

    Can you relate to Lisa?

    • Are you frustrated and aggravated with your health?
    • Do you want your outside to finally match how you feel on the inside?
    • Are you ready to re-prioritize your health?

    If so, I’m here to support you. Let’s get started.

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