Thank you for your interest in my Kick-Start Weight Loss Program.
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Are you like these women and are in need of...?

Feedback and support (beyond the; "just eat more protein and drink more water" advice)

✅ Consistent accountability

✅ A chance to ask questions and to share your experiences

✅ A safe place to open up without judgment

✅ Connection with other women to build new (bariatric) friendships

✅ Success in continued weight loss (to break through weight plateaus / regain)

✅ To get back-on-track with your eating

✅ Incorporating healthy eating habits into your lifestyle that will stick (for life)

✅ Techniques to help you understand why you overeat and how you can overcome it

✅ A different option rather than weight loss revision surgery


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This Program is NOT another fad diet, meal replacement program, juice cleanse, or "quick fix" scheme...​​

"I’m extremely pleased with the entire program and the new tidbits of information we receive every few days. I like how [Kate] breaks up the learning in small chunks so it’s not overwhelming. I feel fully supported and for the first time in a long time feel as though I can do this!​"

🔥🔥🔥 Jan lost 15 lbs. and 6 inches during the Program🔥🔥🔥

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If you're feeling DESPERATE for help, FRUSTRATED with your progress, TERRIFIED of failing, and READY to do whatever it takes to get BACK-ON-TRACK, then it's time to...

"Ask yourself if you want a group of people that you can discuss the aftermath of bariatric surgery, with a guide that has the moxie and heart that we all need."
Gail J.
Program Member