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  • Medicine

    The Most Important Things You Need To Know About Prediabetes

    What is prediabetes

    Disclaimer: The information provided is meant to be educational and should not be incorporated as a treatment plan for prediabetes without consultation with your own primary care provider Prediabetes is a condition in which blood sugar levels are elevated, indicating that diabetes could develop if lifestyle interventions are not made. One in three Americans have prediabetes, and up to 80% are unaware that they are prediabetic as there are typically no symptoms. In this blog post, you will glean a…

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  • Blog

    In Case You Missed It (Feb & Mar)

    In case you missed it (Feb & March)

    Blog Posts Do You Need A Revision Of Your Weight Loss Surgery? My Journey To The South Island of New Zealand Join Me On My Excursion To The North Island Of New Zealand! How To Avoid Letting Free Food Sabotage Your Health Efforts Take the Stress Out Of Flying With This Simple Solution Freebie FREE Prepared Pantry Meal Plan Social Media Instagram Facebook Newsletter ► Self-care (because you deserve it) ► Inspiring messages (for those “Down In The Dump” days)…

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  • Roux en Y Gastric Bypass

    Do You Need A Revision Of Your Weight Loss Surgery?

    weight loss surgery revision

    Studies show that 15-35% of patients who undergo Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) struggle with weight regain after surgery. Surgeons have offered revision for weight loss surgery to these patients as a way to encourage additional weight loss. However, no surgery is without risks nor complications. Is it okay to get weight loss surgery twice? In one study – completed in the Netherlands- physicians looked back on 47 patients who had unsuccessful long-term weight loss from their original RYGB. These patients…

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  • Travel

    My Journey To The South Island of New Zealand

    New Zealand

    Before I dive into all of the fun the South Island of New Zealand has to offer, don’t miss all of the sights and activities from my first leg of the trip; the North Island! After 4 days on the North Island, we were itching to explore the South and tailored two thirds of our trip to this island. ChristChurch Our original plan was to land in ChristChurch and continue on to Mt. Cook to prepare for an amazing overnight…

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