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Superstar Coaching Program


The Superstar Program has all of the bells & whistles of the 12 Week Weight Management Program PLUS THREE (!) one-on-one Physician Assistant Health Coaching Calls!

  • Do you tend to feel stuck when you start a new Program?
  • Are you one to fall off (and stay off) the bandwagon?
  • Do you need extra accountability to skyrocket your success?

If you’ve answer “yes” to any of these questions, the Superstar Membership Program is designed just for YOU!

With 1:1 PA Health Coaching, you will have 60 minutes of personalized attention aimed at tackling each barrier getting in the way of you accomplishing your lifelong health goals.

The typical framework of a one hour video call includes:

  1. An update on your current progress
  2. Identification of barriers impeding your success
  3. Collaboration on goal setting
  4. Accountability assignments
  5. Permission to complete your call sans make-up, in pajamas, while lounging on the couch!


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