Meal Planner (PDF)


Do you struggle with meal planning? Do you lack cooking inspiration or creativity? Let the Meal Planner do the thinking and creating for you!

The Healthy Habiteer Meal Planner comes with:

  • New recipes ideas
  • Grab-‘N-Go snack ideas
  • Healthy take-out options
  • Salad dressing, seasoning, side, and sauce suggestions
  • Health tips from the 12 Week Weight Management Program
  • Serving size guide
  • A template to help you organize a meal plan (from Accountability Coaching!)
  • Room to build a grocery list
  • Troubleshooting when you’re short on time or lack creativity
  • Journal prompts to help you break through cooking barriers

The great thing about the Meal Planner? All you have to do is purchase, immediately download, and head off to the kitchen. Happy cooking!


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