Bariatric Concierge Coaching

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The Bariatric Coaching Program has all of the bells & whistles of the Kick-Start Weight Loss Program PLUS THREE (!) one-on-one Health Coaching Calls! (Click here to learn more about the kick-start weight loss program).

  • Do you tend to feel stuck when you start a new Program?
  • Are you one to fall off (and stay off) the bandwagon?
  • Do you need extra accountability to skyrocket your success?

If you’ve answer “yes” to any of these questions, then the Bariatric Coaching Program is designed just for YOU!

With 1:1 Health Coaching, you will have 60 minutes of personalized attention aimed at tackling each barrier getting in the way of you accomplishing your lifelong health goals.

The typical framework of a one hour video call includes:

  1. An update on your current progress
  2. Identification of barriers impeding your success
  3. Collaboration on goal setting
  4. Accountability assignments
  5. Permission to complete your call sans make-up, in pajamas, while lounging on the couch!

6 reviews for Bariatric Concierge Coaching

  1. Jan Walter (verified owner)

    This program is the best! I’ve struggled for a few years now after my gastric sleeve surgery and had gradually gained weight, especially last year with COVID. I found Kate on-line, and what a lifesaver she is and has been for me! For the first time in a long time, I am successful, feeling stronger and more energized. Best of all, my cravings are gone, and with her eating plan, I feel completely full and satisfied. This is a plan I can live with and plan to do exactly that. Kate is amazing! I love how she breaks the program down into small chunks week-by-week so that it’s not overwhelming. She is kind, patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging. I am so thankful I found her and look forward to my healthy future now!

  2. Kate Fuss

    I really hit [the Program] hard and now I’m down 13 pounds. I have good days and bad days of course, but I just take it one day at a time. It’s coming off slow since I’m on a lot of medication, but at least it’s going down. My goal is 50 more so I just take it one day at a time. I now always think before I eat, rather than eating impulsively.

    – Danielle H.

  3. Kate Fuss

    The Program has helped me learn to avoid stress-related carb fests, find healthier snacks, use appropriate serving sizes, and redirect my thoughts away from food and emotional eating. I’m now 2 pounds away from my midway goal and 25 pounds away from my long term goal to a healthier weight.

    – Anne R.

  4. Kate Fuss

    Alumni Program Survey Results:

    Which words would you use to describe the Program?

    – Useful
    – Reliable
    – Unique
    – Good value for money

  5. Kate Fuss

    Alumni Program Survey Results:

    How did you feel about group calls and one-on-one coaching?

    – [Health Coach Kate] helped me feel better about my accomplishments when I was nervous about sessions because I felt like I hadn’t progressed enough.
    – [Health Coach Kate] was a good listener and very approachable.
    – I liked having the group sessions just because it gave everyone a chance to share their accomplishments and struggles.

  6. Kate Fuss

    Alumni Program Survey Results:

    How do you feel now- at the end of the Program- compared to the beginning?

    – More confident with my diet and optimistic about future progress!

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