Tummy Tuck Talk


Are you ready to…

  • Lose a bit more weight (and then maintain it!)…?
  • Feel comfortable in your skin and be more active…?
  • Come off more of your medications…?
  • Look and feel better, happier, and healthier…?


Finally look as good as you feel – especially after all of the hard work you’ve put in!

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Questions Addressed In The Webinar:

❓ How long after my bariatric surgery do I have to wait before being able to have a tummy tuck?

❓ What should I expect after surgery?

❓ What will the scars look like?

❓ Can I have my stomach muscles sewn together at the same time (from baring children)?

❓ What are the requirements of having the surgery?

❓ What does it cost?

❓ Will insurance cover all or part of my surgery? 

❓ How do I know if I’m ready for surgery? Do I have to be at my goal weight or a certain BMI?

❓ I’m 65 years old. Does age matter when it comes to this surgery?

… and MANY more!


With the Webinar, you also get my FREE Tummy Tuck Workbook!


tummy tuck workbook

Simply download and print the Workbook prior to launching the webinar.

This is a great place for note taking, writing down your questions, and setting “To-Do” tasks for yourself as you watch the webinar.




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