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Desperate To Lose Weight But Have Already Tried Everything?

12 week weight management program

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If I Were To Guess, I’d Say You’ve Been Struggling With Your Weight For Some Time Now.

Yes, you CAN lose weight EVEN when…

Money is short: you’ll soon see how your inaction is actually costing you a fortune!

Time is tight: yes, you CAN still see significant weight loss even if you’re a mom “juggling-all-of-the-things” or a woman who constantly feels busy and overwhelmed.

Self- confidence is low: despite your frustrations with failed diet attempts, stubborn postpartum weight gain, painful joints, expensive medications, or surgery restrictions, I’ve coached many of my patients through each of these barriers with shocking results.

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and have tried every diet book, workout program, and meal replacement program, only to watch them each end up in the graveyard of your best intentions…


You’ve done things you’re not proud of such as binging, diet pills, or severe restriction of your calories…


You are simply sick and tired of being sick and tired…

…Then What You’re About To Read Is The Solution You’ve Always Been Waiting For:

12 week weight management program

Where Are You At In Your Life?

The Program

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Those Extra Pounds Have Likely Been Making You Frustrated – If Not Downright Aggravated.

You are a smart and beautiful woman- YES, you are!- yet you feel like there is a disconnect between how you feel on the inside and how it shows on the outside.

You’re unhappy with your self-image and find ways to shy away from cameras so you don’t have to deal with how you look in the pictures.

You can’t help but feel defeated, unmotivated, and mentally exhausted.

Worse- you may be telling yourself you’re a complete and utter failure.

You’re Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired.

You want to be over and done with blaming all the things.

You want to stop playing the victim of your age.

You want to stop comparing yourself to others.

You Want To Change And Be In Better Control Of Your Health.

For once…

To go to the grocery store and not feel confused on how to eat right or leave feeling defeated.

To regain control over your emotional eating and not reach for the chips, candy, and wine when you’re stressed out and exhausted.

To be seen by your children (and grandchildren) as a healthy example of a role model.

To feel healthy and pretty again.

To finally be successful at losing and keeping off those extra pounds.

But You’re A Busy Woman And Are Overwhelmed.

Time is short.

Money is tight.

Self-confidence is low.

So, you stay put in your routine and maintain the status quo.

What If I Told You That Your Inaction Was Costing You A Fortune?

In the past, you’ve tried diets, you’ve tried commercial meal replacement programs, and you’ve tried delivery meal services.

Perhaps you’re on prescriptions medications for health conditions like high blood pressure, cholesterol, and Type 2 Diabetes.

Maybe you take weight loss pills, are considering, or have already had weight loss surgery.

Let’s break down what all of this is costing you each year:

Commercial diet program1$5000
Prescription medication2$1,416
Weight loss medication2$2,305
Medical expenses2$4,077
Diabetic medical expenses3$9,601
Weight loss surgery$20,000



Don’t forget to factor in $$ spent on hospitalizations, Emergency Room visits, Urgent Care check-ins, clinic visits, and sick days toward your expenses!

By improving your health, you could be saving yourself well over $30,000!

You Want A Quick Fix, But Also Know You Need A Long-Term Mindset For Long-Term Results.

If only eating healthy wasn’t so (DANG) confusing and hard!

I was right there with you!

Growing up, I fell trap to all of the “fat free,” “sugar free,” “low calorie” marketing claims, thinking I was behaving in a way that was healthy.

I never took the time to PAUSE and THINK about what I was eating, where my food came from, or how that food or beverage was making me feel.

It took my sister being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28 (with no genetic nor family history), her undergoing preventive double mastectomies and incurring 5 years of hormone induced menopause for me to take a serious look at how environmental factors were contributing to our health. Basically- to take a hard look at what I was eating and what I was drinking.

I became obsessed with cleaning out my diet.

And you know what?

I lost weight, felt amazing, thought more clearly, improved my memory, slept more soundly, had more energy during my workouts, and improved my stamina at work.

I then became obsessed with helping others achieve similar results.

I began educating my patients with the successful tools and strategies that worked (and lasted) in my own life.

A Busy Mom- Trying To Hold It Altogether- Took My Advice And Ending Up Seeing Life Changing Results.

Julie*- a mid-30 year old mother with an elementary aged son- spent 50% of our first clinic encounter together in tears.

Julie needed prophylactic surgery and unfortunately had a long and bumpy post-operative journey.

She was unable to exercise (due to activity restrictions from her surgery), was required to take powerful medications, had hormonal fluctuations from her treatment, and (on top of all of that!) began gaining significant weight.

At home, she stayed strong and kept herself pulled together for her family. In clinic, she would open up to me, and break down into tears.

She was exhausted.

She felt like she was facing set-back after set-back with her health, her capacity to parent, her relationships, and overall mindset and well-being. It felt as if everything she was trying to do to improve her health was ineffective.

She felt defeated and hopeless. 

My heart absolutely broke for her. I couldn’t bear to see her struggling in this way. I offered her my solution, and thankfully she accepted.

A few months later, Julie was already down > 10 pounds. She felt a restored sense of mindfulness around her eating behaviors, was able to successfully counter emotional eating, and was exceptionally intentional about prioritizing wholesome foods whenever her intense sweet cravings would hit.

A Woman- Feeling Defeated By Her Diabetes- Practiced My Core Strategies And Forever Changed Her Life.

Linda – a 60 year old patient of mine with Type 2 Diabetes- was struggling with wound complications from her high blood sugar.

When I first met Linda, she really wasn’t interested in talking about her diabetes. She’d grumble and utter a few words here and there to humor my questioning about her lifestyle, but would only add more to the conversation when her spouse would lovingly jab her in the leg.

I understood Linda’s frustration.

I was one of many providers in Linda’s life who had something to say about how she was managing her diabetes.

Linda had been living with Type 2 Diabetes for many years and was now on multiple pills and insulin injections without much improvement in her blood work. Unfortunately, she was having to deal with complications from her diabetes such as a poorly healing foot wound that I was now helping to treat.

Initially, Linda really wasn’t interested in what I had to say. I mean- what could I possibly say that she hadn’t already heard before?!


Linda was stuck with me for weeks on end due to the needs of her foot wound. Little by little, Linda warmed up to me (phew!).

At every appointment, I didn’t waste any time digging deep into the nitty gritty details of her nutrition. We tackled personal barriers that were getting in the way of her success and established tangible goals that I held her accountable for her subsequent appointments.

Linda listened to my advice and consistently implemented changes into her life.

What happened next shocked her.

The wound on her foot healed, her painful arthritic joints – which were also giving her grief – were feeling better, and her lab work dramatically improved with a significant drop in her blood sugar numbers!

Her lab results were so profound that her Primary Care Provider took her completely OFF of her insulin! [A 20 lbs weight gain savings just by itself!]

Wouldn’t It Be Amazing To Wean Off Some Of Your Medications And Have Less Aches and Pain?

Are you ready to finally

Be more active with your grandchildren?

Look healthy on the outside (to match how you feel on the inside)?

Stop feeling unmotivated, defeated, and mentally drained?

Let Me Help You!

What Is The 12 Week Weight Management Program?

The 12 Week Weight Management Program is an accountability program that will kick-start your weight loss and help you regain control over your health for the rest of your life.

12 week weight management program

I’ll be your Health Coach!

As a Surgical Physician Assistant with extensive experience in weight loss surgery and Board Certified as a Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management, I’ve clinically coached hundreds of patients through the core principles of my program.

Everything in the 12 Week Weight Management Program (“12w WMP”) is founded in scientific, evidence-based research studies.

Therefore, if you promise to give my program 100% intentional effort, you will automatically succeed. The medical literature supports it.

What’s Inside The Program?







No more stressing about food prep.

No more worrying about

  • Squeezing in time to meal plan (or even learning how to meal plan to start with!)
  • Cooking separately for your family (or your toddlers!)
  • Navigating an unhealthy restaurant menu (yes- you CAN still go out to eat)

I’ll teach you foundational nutritional education, cooking skills, and real-life strategies to help you regain control of your health for the rest of your life…

…and specifically tailored to YOU.

A new body that enjoys the act of moving.

Together, we’ll break through personal barriers holding you back from moving regularly.

You’ll be given a “prescription for exercise” (supported by research) for successful weight loss.

You’ll be rewarded with a new body that:

  • Enjoys the act of moving
  • Moves painlessly with less achy joints
  • Can take the stairs without getting winded
  • Allows you to play with your children or grandchildren

A new life without emotional eating or drinking.

The pantry, refrigerator, and freezer no longer call your name late at night once everyone is asleep or you’re home alone.

Eating out with others at social events, restaurants, and work functions no longer makes you anxious or sets you back from your health goals.

What Will The 12w WMP Be Like?

12 week weight management program

The 12 Week Weight Management Program is 100% Virtual.

That’s right! No need to jump in the car, spend time away from family, or time away from work to accomplish your lifelong health goals.

You can complete 100% of the Program from the comfort of your home!

Here Are All The Goodies You’ll Be Getting:

12 week weight management program


  • Quick video lessons that are easy to squeeze into your busy lifestyle.
  • Listen in the car or when you’re out running errands.
  • Revisit core lessons and topics whenever you need a refresher.

12 week weight management program


  • Regular reminders throughout the week to keep you on pace with the Program.
  • Short & sweet yet full of useful PDFs, recipes, and extra support materials.

meal planner


  • New recipe inspiration (so you never have to wonder; “What the heck am I going to make for dinner tonight?”
  • Easy ways to implement Program Nutritional principles into your Meal Planner Template
  • Portion Size guidelines (that only require the use of your hand!)
  • Step-by-step guide on how to build your template
  • Troubleshooting tips when your busy life gets in the way of your progress
  • Journal pages with prompts on how to make cooking easier and more fun!

12 week weight management program


  • Feel the love in the Private Facebook Group that only you (and other women) have access to.
  • Be inspired, encouraged, supported, and motivated to maintain your momentum.

12 week weight management program


  • Share a laugh, story, and high-five during regular video call sessions with the other women in the Program.
  • Brainstorm solutions, set goals, and establish accountability for future video calls.
  • Connect with other women with similar struggles and personal barriers.

12 week weight management program


  • Receive extra help getting “un-stuck” throughout the Program with personalized 1-on-1 health coaching calls.
  • Over-ride negative self-talk and emotionally charged behaviors that lead to overeating and/or over-drinking
  • Feel right back on track by the end of each coaching call.

Become A Part Of A Supportive Community Of Women On A Similar Health Journey!

Hear What Program Alumni Have To Say About Their Health Journeys:

12 week weight management program

I really hit [the Program] hard and now I’m down 13 pounds.  I have good days and bad days of course, but I just take it one day at a time. It’s coming off slow since I’m on a lot of medication, but at least it’s going down.   My goal is 50 more so I just take it one day at a time.  I now always think before I eat, rather than eating impulsively.

Danielle H.
12 week weight management program

The Program has helped me learn to avoid stress-related carb fests, find healthier snacks, use appropriate serving sizes, and redirect my thoughts away from food and emotional eating. I’m now 2 pounds away from my midway goal and 25 pounds away from my long term goal to a healthier weight.

Anne R.

Program Alumni (and Registered Nurse) Brenda, Opens Up About Her “Why.” Let’s Listen:

So… Are You Ready To Invest In Your Health (And Begin Saving Significant $$)?

Avoid spending $1,416 to over $42,399 on:

➡ Prescription medications ($1,416)

➡ Weight loss medication ($2,305)

➡ Medical expenses ($4,077)

➡ Commercial diet programs ($5,000)

➡ Diabetic medical expenses ($9,601)

➡ Weight loss surgery ($20,000)

Hey YOU- Perfectionist!

There will never be 12 “perfect” weeks in your life when you’ll suddenly find yourself drinking lattes in your pajamas with nothing to do, thinking; “Ok, NOW is the PERFECT time to start this Program!”

You are a smart and busy woman! Let’s keep things real here.

You will ALWAYS have 10 million things going on in your life that will tease you into thinking that your health can wait.

If you want to see a CHANGE in your life, you need to MAKE that change, TODAY.

‘I’ll come back to this later’ – said no healthy woman, ever.

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Here’s my promise to you:

If you join the Program, give it your best shot, but find that it’s not the right fit for you, I promise to give you a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.

Yes, even if you’re 3 weeks and 6 days into the Program and you still decide you’re unhappy; I will fully refund your investment.

I’m taking a big risk here.

My promise to you puts me in a very vulnerable position where I can easily be taken advantage of. But I trust your intentions, and I trust (with certainty) the quality of the Program you are about to embark on.

I am (beyond) confident that the 12 Week Weight Management Program will change your life for the long haul; as it has for so many women who have bravely gone before you.

12 week weight management program

To Show How Dedicated I Am To Your Success, I Wanted To Offer You A Special BONUS:

12 week weight management program

12 Week Weight Management WORKBOOK

  • Program accountability workbook with weekly assignments to skyrocket your success.
  • Frequent reassessments to monitor your progress
  • Core content summaries so you no longer have to “go back and try to remember” anything from earlier in the Program.

($39) Yours FREE

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P.s. I know you have HAD IT with those extra pounds and are sick and tired of being sick and tired. I know you WANT a quick fix, but you also know you need a long-term mindset for long-term results. STOP spending THOUSANDS of dollars on short term solutions. The time is NOW to invest in long term results. CLICK HERE to join the program today!

P.P.s. You’re a smart and busy woman. Don’t let your busy-ness convince you that your health can wait. You will ALWAYS have 10 million things going on in your life that will take priority. Don’t watch your health (and $$) go down the drain by staying stagnant. If you want to see a change in your life, you need to make a change- TODAY. CLICK HERE (to just bite the bullet already!) and get started.

‘I’ll come back to this later’ – said no healthy woman, ever.