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    Quick And Easy Meals When You’re Tired And Exhausted

    Quick And Easy Meals When You're Tired And Exhausted

    Laurie* was six weeks out from breast surgery and couldn’t WAIT to have her activity restrictions lifted. As a woman in her 50s, she was a busy-body; always active, on her feet, and working on projects either in her backyard or in her house. Six weeks of activity restrictions (ie: no lifting, pushing, or pulling > 5 lbs) had caused some extra pounds to slowly creep back on her body. She admits to being “dependent on exercise” to shield her body from putting on pounds.

    The elephant in the room was her eating.

    We dove in to her nutrition. I had her walk me through her typical day of meals, snacks, drinks, and desserts. We then honed in on dinner:

    ‘What does dinner usually look like?’ I asked

    ‘Anything you can slap together while standing at my counter. A sandwich basically. It’s just…easy. Bread, bread, Mayo, cheese, meat…done.’ she replied.

    She continued to open up to me.

    I’m also exhausted- I feel like I am always really low on energy. I know a lot of it has to do with my diet making me feel this way, but I get caught into this vicious cycle; I’m tired, I choose unhealthy food, I sleep poorly, I wake up exhausted, and then go for the ‘bad’ food all over again.

    I asked Laurie what it looked like to eat clean / wholesome foods. She immediately cut me off.

    Oh- don’t get me wrong! I know exactly how to clean out my diet. I’ve been good in the past. I have a beautiful garden and actually really love using fresh vegetables from the garden for meals I put together for my husband and I. So, I know what I need to do. I just need to break the cycle of where I am right now…

    Laurie and I came down to a few conclusions from our discussion together:

    • Activity restrictions from surgery revealed that she had a tendency to over-depend on exercise to cover-up an unhealthy diet
    • She knew (and enjoyed!) eating clean and minimally processed foods
    • She preferred quick, low-maintenance, cold-prepped meals
    • She was in a low energy slump and needed to start eating healthier foods to recharge her energy and restore healthy momentum

    Together, Laurie and I worked on goal setting for her next appointment. When I asked her what 1 small thing she could work on before returning to her next appointment, she actually brainstormed 2:

    1. Swing by the grocery store on her way home from today’s appointment to pick up fresh produce in bulk (Laurie lives 4 hours from our clinic and lacks access to some of the bigger grocery stores near her home)
    2. Go through her pantry and purge out highly processed foods that would contribute to her cycle of exhaustion and cravings

    I wanted to help to!

    As a means to help Laurie (and you!) out, I’ve rounded-up 8 quick, easy, and cold (!) meals that you can put together just by standing at the kitchen counter. Think- simple ingredients, easy-peezy, and low mess.

    If you’re someone who struggles with meal planning and food prep, then you don’t want to miss out on my FREE Meal Planner Template. My gift to you =).

    8 Quick, Easy, Cold Recipes


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