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    Stay Healthy (And Sane!) Over the Holidays With My Top 3 Holiday Survival Tips

    How to stay healthy over the Holidays

    The holidays are quickly approaching, which means hosting obligations, delicious dinners, and gluttonous drinks and desserts. Are you excited? Or does the thought of the holidays make you fearful, overwhelmed, and anxious?

    If so, take a deep breath, relax your shoulders, and allow me to alleviate the overwhelm. I’ve got your back.

    We’re going to sail through the holidays as stress-free as possible with my “3” holiday survival tips.

    Master Party Planning

    Are you hosting a holiday party or event?

    Say BU-BYE to the nightmare of party planning with my STRESS FREE Guide to Hosting a Holiday Party


    Planning ahead is the best way to tackle the potentially overwhelming holiday season. I personally rely on my daily calendar and my pull-it-together planner to help me stay organized and on-track. 

    Do you have holiday parties or events you will be attending as a guest?

    If so, open up your calendar and complete the following tips & tricks:

    • Write a reminder in your calendar- or set an alarm in your phone- 1-2 weeks prior to this event to touch base with your host/hostess on which contribution(s) you can bring
    • Schedule one date and time a few days before the event to run to the store
    • Anticipate additional supplies you may need such as cards, gift bags, wrapping paper etc. and write down which stores you’ll need to visit on your shopping day
    Holiday survival tips: planning


    “WHY” is prioritizing your health so important?

    “WHY” are you looking to commit to a lasting healthy lifestyle change?

    Take this time to PAUSE and think about what your “WHY” is. Write it down on a piece of paper or program it as a recurring alarm on your phone so you have a regular reminder.

    Examples of Program Alumni“Why”s : 

    “I want to be healthy for my daughter and lead by example”

    “I want to have enough energy to play with my grandkids”

    “I want to wean off my medications and have less aches and pains”

    “I want to feel confident and secure in my body”

    Here is Program Alumni Brenda, speaking about her “Why”:

    So, what’s your Why?

    This is going to be extremely important as we approach the holidays. When you’re confronted with the tempting dessert, the sugary sweetened beverage, or the extra serving (or two) of food, remind yourself of your greater Why.

    As you do, ask yourself;

    Is this going to HELP me accomplish my ‘Why’, or HURT me?

    As you approach the party buffet line, be mindful of your indulgences.

    OK, OK…listen… I get it!

    We’re human, and it’s the holiday season!

    It’s completely ok to enjoy your girlfriend’s homemade cupcakes or perfectly frosted cookies. However, be sure to set yourself up for success by being intentional about what you’re putting into your mouth and steering clear of food or drinks that trigger derailment.

    Stress free holidays


    Is this you?

    Oh my gosh. I cannot believe I just ate THAT much food and drank THAT much wine. I am such a horrible person. I have no self-control. I feel horrible, am never going to be in control of my eating, and I am never going to be healthy. I might as well just GIVE UP ALREADY. I’ve already wrecked my eating for the day, so it’s pointless even trying anymore.


    This storyline is one big ol’ piece of poop!! (hehe).


    YOU are a STRONG WOMAN. You are brilliant. You are beautiful. And you DO have control over your eating!

    STOP sabotaging all of your amazing efforts at changing your life with this detrimental thinking!

    You, and only you, are in control of your mind.

    SO… do what we say in the 12 Week Weight Management Program

    Give yourself a mental spanking!!

    When you hear these trigger thoughts pop into your mind, spank them away! This mindset will ruin your success. REPLACE the negative thoughts with positive ones.

    Let’s review the above script:

    Oh my gosh. I cannot believe I just ate THAT much food and drank THAT much wine. I am such a horrible person.

    Now, let’s dig in:

    ARE you a horrible person?! NO! Tell yourself that!

    “I am not a horrible person.”

    Think of all the ways you have actually been an amazing person in the past 24-48 hours. Also- loosen up on life! Rather than say “I cannot believe I just ate THAT much food…”, tell yourself;

    Whoops! I slipped up. I over-indulged and ate mindlessly. I recognize that now and will work hard to be more intentional about my eating RIGHT NOW.

    Ok, next part of the script:

    I have no self-control. I feel horrible, am never going to be in control of my eating, and I am never going to be healthy.

    It’s time to counter each one of these thoughts.

    Think of a time when you exhibited self-control.

    • Have you been working on cutting back on your soda consumption?
    • Have you gone from 3 sodas a day to 1? (that’s amazing self-control right there!)
    • Have you been working on eating more vegetables?
    • Have you increased your water intake?
    • Have you gone to yoga 3 times this week?

    I KNOW you’ve been working hard on making healthy modifications in your life. Pick one that you’ve done recently, and give yourself some credit for it!

    Moving on:

    I might as well just GIVE UP ALREADY. I’ve already wrecked my eating for the day, so it’s pointless even trying anymore.


    All-or-nothing mindsets = DESTRUCTION and a self-fulfilling prophecy!

    If you ever hear yourself saying something similar… permission for mental spankings!! 😉

    The danger of falling off the bandwagon is we tend to STAY OFF the bandwagon far too long. This completely unravels all of your recent hard work toward accomplishing your Why.

    If this happens:

    1. Give yourself a little “spank-spank”, and resurface your WHY.
    2. Treat yourself like you would a friend.
    3. Be gentle and forgiving.
    4. Don’t take life so seriously.
    5. Have a personal conversation with yourself to recalibrate your mind. 

    Here’s how conversations in my mind usually go post-binge:

    Yikes, I went a little crazy on food/ drinks just now. No biggie. Mistakes happen. I’m going to sit with how it feels post-binge so I can remember for next time what it’s like to be on the other side of it. 

    Most importantly, I’m going to use this as an opportunity to be CURIOUS about what triggered me to over-indulge:

    • Was it because I was around other people?
    • Was a specific trigger food in front of me that was hard to resist?
    • Did I avoid exercising today so my cravings are super-charged?
    • Am I feeling stressed?
    • Emotional?
    • In the future, how can I relieve some of my emotional eating with non-food substitutes? 

    Now that it’s over and done with, I am going to decide to be mindful and intentional of my eating RIGHT NOW. Not tomorrow, not later in the day, literally, RIGHT THIS SECOND.

    After all, I am in control of the change I want to see in my life, and I REALLY want to reach my long-term health goals.”

    Stay healthy and sane over the Holidays


    By using your calendar regularly, keeping your WHY at the forefront of your mind, and by setting your mindset straight, you will be well-prepared for the Holiday Season.

    Don’t be afraid to give yourself some mental spankings here and there when you need them. Permission granted! 😉

    Master Party Planning

    And if you’re hosting a holiday party…

    Don’t forget to grab my STRESS FREE Guide to banish party overwhelm!!

    Keep us in the loop as you work through these 3 Holiday Survival tips!

    Share a picture of your calendar and Master Party Planner, or share a story of how to stayed ON the bandwagon this holiday season with the FB community! We can’t wait to hear about it!

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