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Still Struggling With Your Weight Even After Weight Loss Surgery?

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If I Were To Guess, I’d Say You’ve Been Struggling With Your Weight For Some Time Now.

Yes, you CAN still lose weight EVEN when…

You’re preparing for weight loss surgery (WLS) and are trying to improve certain health conditions like Diabetes and lowering you hemoglobin A1c %.

You’ve had weight loss surgery and have regained weight: there’s no need to panic or feel defeated! Help is here to get you back-on-track toward long-term weight loss.

Self- confidence is low: despite feeling defeated, withdrawn, or self-critical, I’ve coached many patients through challenging barriers such as unhealthy relationships, divorce, coping with enablers, mental health conditions, chronic injuries, limiting circumstances, and self-sabotage.

If you’ve tried every weight loss strategy you can think of but feel like you’ve constantly tried and failed at losing weight…


You’ve had weight loss surgery a few years ago, have fallen back into old habits, regained weight, and are now terrified…

…Then What You’re About To Read Is The Solution You’ve Always Been Waiting For:

It’s Been Some Time After Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) And You May Be Experiencing Weight Regain

You are an amazing, beautiful, and brilliant woman (yes- you are!), but you can’t help but feel like all of your dedication, hard work, and commitment to your weight loss surgery is now at risk because of your weight gain.

You may feel embarrassed and ashamed during this part of your health journey and find yourself avoiding your Provider’s office so you won’t feel judged or seen as a “failure.”

You’ve Been Through A Lot With Weight Loss Surgery (WLS).

Despite the misconception that WLS is “the easy way out,” you know better. WLS has required significant determination, hard work, dedication, and commitment.

Undergoing WLS was not something you chose to do lightly. It has required concerted effort and grit to stick with it. You’ve put your life at risk to undergo surgery!

Throughout your journey, you’ve had emotional ups and downs.

It’s been emotional dealing with loose skin that “flaps” when you run or take the stairs, constantly applying nystatin cream under your skin folds to stave off infection, and dealing with underwear that never likes to stay put on your hips.

It’s been emotional also dealing with the side effects from surgery such as losing a significant amount of hair and battling with unpleasant GI side effects.

You’ve Made Significant Sacrifices Throughout Your WLS Journey.

You’ve given up unhealthy foods, unhealthy habits, toxic relationships and marriages in order to save your life and prioritize your health.

You Put In The Work And Were Seeing Rewarding And Exciting Changes!

As the weight came off, you began…

Having more energy and stamina

Sleeping better

Shopping at more places (or even starting to buy clothes off the regular rack!)

Feeling good about your appearance

Taking the stairs without being out of breath

You’ve been working hard to make it work.

You’ve gained confidence, positivity, and an active social life.

However, You’re Likely Aware That Weight Regain After Surgery Is A Very Real Possibility.

By now you’ve likely accepted that WLS is simply a tool to help you get healthy.

But now, you may be realizing that if you don’t change old lifestyle habits, neither will your health (or weight).

Here are the statistics…

Weight regain after WLS is a significant concern, and one that affects many weight loss surgery patients.

For those that have had laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, the percentage of patients who lose > 50% of their excess body weight by two years after surgery = 79.7%. By 5 years, it drops down to 54.5%. [Surgery For Obesity And Related Diseases].

Reduced weight loss and weight regain are the two major predictors for recurrence of Type 2 Diabetes.

As a result, many begin weight loss medications after surgery, and 10-20% of patients eventually undergo revisional surgery to improve their outcomes over the long haul.

Perhaps You’ve Regained Weight After Surgery And Now Are Terrified.

On the one hand…

You KNOW you’re not lazy.

You KNOW you don’t lack self control

You KNOW that the large costs, risks, and side effects of WLS were worth the fight toward a healthier life.

You KNOW you need a lifestyle change, you KNOW you need education, and you KNOW you need a real tool that will help stop (and reverse) weight regain.

Let Me Help You!

What Is The 12 Week Weight Management Program?

The 12 Week Weight Management Program is an accountability program that will kick-start your weight loss and help you regain control over your health for the rest of your life.

12 week weight management program

I’ll be your Health Coach!

As a Surgical Physician Assistant with extensive experience in weight loss surgery and Board Certified as a Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management, I’ve clinically coached hundreds of patients through the core principles of my program.

Everything in the 12 Week Weight Management Program (“12w WMP”) is founded in scientific, evidence-based research studies.

Therefore, if you promise to give my program 100% intentional effort, you will automatically succeed. The medical literature supports it.

What’s Inside The Program?







No more stressing about food prep.

No more worrying about

  • Squeezing in time to meal plan (or even learning how to meal plan to start with!)
  • Cooking separately for your family (or your toddlers!)
  • Navigating an unhealthy restaurant menu (yes- you CAN still go out to eat)

I’ll teach you foundational nutritional education, cooking skills, and real-life strategies to help you regain control of your health for the rest of your life…

…and specifically tailored to YOU.

A new body that enjoys the act of moving.

Together, we’ll break through personal barriers holding you back from moving regularly.

You’ll be given a “prescription for exercise” (supported by research) for successful weight loss.

You’ll be rewarded with a new body that:

  • Enjoys the act of moving
  • Moves painlessly with less achy joints
  • Can take the stairs without getting winded
  • Allows you to play with your children or grandchildren

A new life without emotional eating or drinking.

The pantry, refrigerator, and freezer no longer call your name late at night once everyone is asleep or you’re home alone.

Eating out with others at social events, restaurants, and work functions no longer makes you anxious or sets you back from your health goals.

WLS Healthy Eating Behavior Guidelines

Reminders on how to protect your “band,” “sleeve,” “pouch,” or “switch” during the Program (and the rest of your life!).

Eating and drinking tips so you can spend more time enjoying the food and beverages you consume, and less time dealing with the side effects!

Guidelines are based on National Standards (through the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery)

Vitamin Support

Weekly educational materials on vitamins and micronutrient deficiencies (so you can stay healthy and away from the Hospital!).

Weekly education on 1 of 12 vitamins (and micronutrients).

Learn what the micronutrient is, how a deficiency can develop, signs and symptoms of deficiencies, and how to ensure your diet is rich in each vitamin.

Also included is a handy one-page Bariatric Multivitamin Resource! Use the resource to check your own Bariatric multivitamins, to ensure you’re getting the right amounts for your specific surgery. [Based on ASMBS guidelines]

What Will The 12w WMP Be Like?

12 week weight management program

The 12 Week Weight Management Program is 100% Virtual.

That’s right! No need to jump in the car, spend time away from family, or time away from work to accomplish your lifelong health goals.

You can complete 100% of the Program from the comfort of your home!

Here Are All The Goodies You’ll Be Getting:

12 week weight management program


  • Quick video lessons that are easy to squeeze into your busy lifestyle.
  • Listen in the car or when you’re out running errands.
  • Revisit core lessons and topics whenever you need a refresher.

12 week weight management program


  • Regular reminders throughout the week to keep you on pace with the Program.
  • Short & sweet yet full of useful PDFs, recipes, and extra support materials.

meal planner


  • New recipe inspiration (so you never have to wonder; “What the heck am I going to make for dinner tonight?”
  • Portion Size guidelines (that only require the use of your hand!)
  • Troubleshooting tips when your busy life gets in the way of your progress
  • Journal pages with prompts on how to make cooking easier and more fun!

weight management program

WLS Resources

weight management program
  • Eating and drinking tips so you can spend more time enjoying the food and beverages you consume, and less time dealing with the side effects!
  • Weekly education on 1 of 12 vitamins (and micronutrients).
  • A handy one-page Bariatric Multivitamin Resource to ensure you’re getting the right amounts for your specific surgery.

12 week weight management program


  • Feel the love in the Private Facebook Group that only you (and other women) have access to.
  • Be inspired, encouraged, supported, and motivated to maintain your momentum.


  • Share a laugh, story, and high-five during regular video call sessions with the other women in the Program.
  • Brainstorm solutions, set goals, and establish accountability for future video calls.
  • Connect with other women with similar struggles and personal barriers.
12 week weight management program

12 week weight management program


  • Receive extra help getting “un-stuck” throughout the Program with personalized 1-on-1 health coaching calls.
  • Over-ride negative self-talk and emotionally charged behaviors that lead to overeating and/or over-drinking
  • Feel right back on track by the end of each coaching call.

Become A Part Of A Supportive Community Of Women On A Similar Health Journey!

12 week weight management program

I really hit [the Program] hard and now I’m down 13 pounds.  I have good days and bad days of course, but I just take it one day at a time. It’s coming off slow since I’m on a lot of medication, but at least it’s going down.   My goal is 50 more so I just take it one day at a time.  I now always think before I eat, rather than eating impulsively.

Danielle H.
12 week weight management program

The Program has helped me learn to avoid stress-related carb fests, find healthier snacks, use appropriate serving sizes, and redirect my thoughts away from food and emotional eating. I’m now 2 pounds away from my midway goal and 25 pounds away from my long term goal to a healthier weight.

Anne R.

A 60 Year Old Woman – 2 Years Out From Sleeve Gastrectomy- Started Noticing 10 lbs Creeping Back On.

Sandy* (not her true name), a ~60 year old woman who had the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy 2 years ago (pre-surgery BMI 49.3) had had initial success with her surgery.

She was down 51 lbs and weighed 219 lbs (BMI 41.1). However, she began noticing some of her old habits slipping back in and her weight was starting to reverse in the wrong direction.

She was up 10 lbs and wanted accountability, support, and education on how to kick-start her weight loss again.

Sandy’s journey before and after surgery was not easy. She struggled with Binge Eating Disorder, high blood pressure, cholesterol abnormalities, GERD, osteoarthritis, pre-diabetes, and reported a history of sexual abuse, and had suffered from post-operative side effects like hair loss.

Work stress triggered her to eat.

Chips, trail mix, candy, bread, and baked goods were her main barriers toward eating healthier.

She was doing low impact exercise (walking) 3x / week at the gym and was feeling good, but she wasn’t losing weight. Rather, she was beginning to gain weight.

She was excited for my help, but was worried it wouldn’t work.

She wanted to look and feel good, feel healthy, wear smaller clothes, decrease medications, and have a boost of confidence.

She chose to make a change in order to lose more weight, increase her stamina, and to stave off health problems.

Three months later, Sandy had already lost 10 lbs. She was eating less processed foods and dessert than normal and felt back on track. Best part? Sandy admits to being more mindful of the decisions and behavior she makes and is confident she will have continued success.

Positive side effect?

Her husband jumped on board too and together, they began creating healthier habits around cooking and food prepping!

A Busy Mom- Trying To Hold It Altogether- Took My Advice And Ending Up Seeing Life Changing Results.

Julie*- a mid-30 year old mother with an elementary aged son- spent 50% of our first clinic encounter together in tears.

Julie had a long and bumpy post-operative journey.

She needed to take powerful medications that unfortunately was causing weight regain.

At home, she stayed strong and kept herself pulled together for her family. In clinic, she would open up to me and break down into tears.

She was exhausted.

She felt like she was facing set-back after set-back with her health, her capacity to parent, her relationships, and overall mindset and well-being. It felt as if everything she was trying to do to improve her health was ineffective.

She felt defeated and hopeless. 

My heart absolutely broke for her and I couldn’t bear to see her struggling in this way. I offered her my solution, and thankfully she accepted.

A few months later, Julie was already down > 10 pounds. She felt a restored sense of mindfulness around her eating behaviors, was able to successfully counter emotional eating, and was exceptionally intentional about prioritizing wholesome foods whenever her intense sweet cravings would hit.

A Woman- Feeling Defeated By Her Diabetes- Practiced My Core Strategies And Forever Changed Her Life.

Linda – a 60 year old patient of mine with Type 2 Diabetes- was struggling with uncontrolled blood sugar levels.

When I first met Linda, she really wasn’t interested in talking about her diabetes. She’d grumble and utter a few words here and there to humor my questioning about her lifestyle, but would only add more to the conversation when her spouse would lovingly jab her in the leg.

I understood Linda’s frustration.

I was one of many providers in Linda’s life who had something to say about how she was managing her diabetes.

Linda had been living with Type 2 Diabetes for many years and was now on multiple pills and insulin injections without much improvement in her blood work.

Initially, Linda really wasn’t interested in what I had to say. I mean- what could I possibly say that she hadn’t already heard before?!


At every appointment together, I didn’t waste any time digging deep into the nitty gritty details of her nutrition. We tackled personal barriers impeding her success and together established tangible goals that I held her accountable for at each of her subsequent appointments.

Linda listened to my advice and consistently implemented changes into her life.

What happened next shocked her.

A complication from her surgery resolved, her painful arthritic joints – which were also giving her grief – were feeling better, and her lab work dramatically improved with a significant drop in her blood sugar numbers! [Her hemoglobin A1c went from 12% down to 5.9%!]

Are You Ready To Get (And Stay!) Back-On- Track With Your Health?

You are a dedicated, hard working, and committed woman who has invested upwards of $40,000 with WLS into your health.

You are NOT lazy and you do NOT lack self-control.

You didn’t take the “easy way out” by having WLS (you and I both know this!), and you know that the best weight loss is healthy (and safe!) weight loss.

You acknowledge that WLS is a tool to a healthier version of yourself, but you’re likely here because you know your own shortcomings and you’re looking for help.

You may even be feeling as if your weight regain and current lifestyle habits “are wasting your life.”

Hey YOU- Perfectionist!

There will never be 12 “perfect” weeks in your life when you’ll suddenly find yourself drinking lattes in your pajamas with nothing to do, thinking; “Ok, NOW is the PERFECT time to start this Program!”

You are a smart and busy woman! Let’s keep things real here.

You will ALWAYS have 10 million things going on in your life that will tease you into thinking that your health can wait.

If you want to see a CHANGE in your life, you need to MAKE that change, TODAY.

‘I’ll come back to this later’ – said no healthy woman, ever.

Click The Button Below To Pick Your Pricing Package To Get Started TODAY!

Here’s my promise to you:

If you join the Program, give it your best shot, but find that it’s not the right fit for you, I promise to give you a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.

Yes, even if you’re 3 weeks and 6 days into the Program and you still decide you’re unhappy, I will fully refund your investment.

I’m taking a big risk here.

My promise to you puts me in a very vulnerable position where I can easily be taken advantage of. But I trust your intentions, and I trust (with certainty) the quality of the Program you are about to embark on.

I am (beyond) confident that the 12 Week Weight Management Program will change your life for the long haul; as it has for so many women who have bravely gone before you.

12 week weight management program

To Show How Dedicated I Am To Your Success, I Wanted To Offer You A Special BONUS:

12 week weight management program

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  • Program accountability workbook with weekly assignments to skyrocket your success.
  • Frequent reassessments to monitor your progress
  • Core content summaries so you no longer have to “go back and try to remember” anything from earlier in the Program.

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‘I’ll come back to this later’ – said no healthy woman, ever.