Thank you for your interest in my Teen Kick-Start Weight Loss Program.
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Are you a teen that is...

  • Sick and tired of your skinny friends being able to eat whatever they want while you are watching every bite you eat and not experiencing the weight loss you’d like?
  • Uninterested in exercise because it is too hard, sweaty, or not fun to do?
  • Surrounded by family that keeps buying or making you food that you’re trying to avoid?
  • Bullied about your weight and what you look like by kids at school?

When it comes to

You may be feeling hurt that your parents don't see that you're trying, or maybe even criticized or micromanaged when your parents keep talking about your weight and what you're eating.

People in your family keep bringing in junk food when you're trying to eat healthy and choose to eat it right in front of you, making it tough to stick to your healthy eating goals.

teen kick start program
teen kick start program

When it comes to

You may not want to go to the gym because you're afraid that people will judge you.

You may not have a way to get to the gym, you're too busy with school work to fit in exercise, or you have the best intention to work out regularly but you don't have anyone to work out with you.

Perhaps you've tried exercising, but felt like it didn't make a difference.

It's time to try something DIFFERENT!

This Program is NOT another fad diet, meal replacement program, juice cleanse, or "quick fix" scheme...​​

If you're feeling DESPERATE for help, FRUSTRATED with your progress, and READY to do whatever it takes to get BACK-ON-TRACK, then it's time to...