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    The Ultimate Baby Registry Guide

    Baby Registry - Newborn Essentials

    Are you a new mom? Or perhaps know a new mom and are wondering; “What do I need?” or “What should I get her?”, respectively. Save yourself hours of research and the headache of not knowing where to start with my ultimate baby registry. In this blog post, I break down items into the categories of general baby, breastfeeding, bathing, sleeping, diapers, clothes and travel essentials. Be sure to grab my pregnancy freebies along the way and check out my other pregnancy posts about what to expect with each trimester!

    Baby Essentials

    • Baby Monitor
      • Look for one that covers long distance and has an Eco mode.
    • Stroller purse hooks
      • One thing I ordered was a purse hook for my stroller. I haven’t used it yet, but figured it might be nice for running errands for the diaper bag / big purse to have it accessible vs. having my purse shoved under the stroller in a zip locked storage compartment
    • Mirror for the car seat
      • The same brand also started selling a camera which I bought and LOVE.
    • Pacifiers
      • I wouldn’t stress too much about pacifiers and bottles/ nipples right away. Lactation consultants want you to avoid using them until at least 2 weeks postpartum so he’ll learn how to latch and breastfeed first. 
      • Bottles have different sizes nipples. You’ll want to make sure you have the smallest sized nipples (size 0) so that they don’t guzzle out milk. I learned the hard way- Ariana practically aspirated haha
      • I liked the Nookums >> Wubba Nubs because you can detach the pacifier and through the animal in the wash
    • Playard
      • I’d recommend 4Moms. I checked out Graco brand in the store, and I found that they weren’t the best quality, or they sagged in the middle. If you love the Graco brand, I’d try to see if there’s one on display at a baby store so you can make sure it’s sturdy. My main worry was about them rolling toward the center if it’s not totally flat / secure.
      • You’ll have to buy specific sheets for the bassinet part and the placard part. The changing pad component doesn’t have a removable cushion for you to put a fitted sheet on, so I just laid down a waterproof changing pad
      • Good brand but the pack n’ play isn’t very tall and will hurt your back with frequent changing (but I’m also 5’9″, so take that with a grain of salt).
    • Boppy
      • I was gifted this one and like it because it supports her in the middle (vs. having a cut out hole). I use it all the time
    • Ergobaby carrier
      • As a newborn, you’re better off starting with something like the Moby Wrap since they’re so small. Once Ariana got to around 10lbs, I used the newborn insert with the Ergo carrier and felt that it was quicker and easier to put on while wearing her around the house. It does get hot though! She loves both body carriers and falls asleep within minutes when she’s crying or being fussy
    • Mamaroo swing- 4moms
      • This was hit or miss with Ariana. If she was in a peaceful state, she didn’t mind it. But if she was alert, I think it was too hyperstimulating to her. Also- don’t put your baby in it until after they’re fully fed and burped. The bouncing feature + a full baby belly = projectile vomiting. For Ariana, I liked keeping the swing in the kitchen and bouncing her on my shoulder until she was very very sleepy before lying her down for a daytime nap.
      • I’d add a newborn insert to it
    • Prenatal DHA + prenatal vitamins
    • Body pillow
      • Very popular, but I didn’t really need to use it much)- does have a small pillow that detaches that I use now for feeding to rest my arm
    • Stroller (jogging) + adapter for infant seat (if using a non-Thule brand)
    • Infant car seat
      • I have the Nuna Pipa (and not the Lite version). It’s still easy to carry and not too heavy, but what I love about this one, is that the base stays installed in your car, and you can travel with the car seat without needing to bring the base with you.
      • You can bring the car seat into taxis, cabs, and air planes and just use a seatbelt to keep it secured.
      • You can buy a second base for an additional car and that way you only need 1 car seat that you can clip in and out of both cars (and the Thule stroller I linked above that has the super easy to use adapter). All clip in/out.
    • Handheld vacuum (for the car)
    • Hospital gown + shower shoes
    • Baby Bjorn bouncer

    ultimate guide to 1st trimester of pregnancy

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    Breastfeeding Essentials

    • Stretch Mark and oil to continue using on your breasts.
      • I wish I knew this postpartum! My milk came in full and fast and I developed stretch marks on them right away
    • Maternity bras that you can breastfeed with
    • Burp cloths
      • If anyone you know loves to sew, see if they can cut up some scrap pieces of fabric into small squares. My mom did this for me and I literally use them for everything: quick swipes of spitup, washcloth for the bath, etc.
    • My Brest Friend pillow
      • It’s great support for when you’re breastfeeding. Your forearms will thank you! When she started reaching 2 months, I naturally stopped using it and instead transitioned to using a body pillow or rolled up blanket. It became easier and less fussy to deal with.
    • Newborn nipple sizes = small or size 0. 
      • I wouldn’t buy any bottles or nipples right away if you have your breast pump. The breast pump typically comes with a few basic newborn bottles and nipples. You’ll sometimes get kits in the mail (especially if you have a Target registry and receive their welcome baby kit) that have bottles and nipples you can experiment with. Every baby is different.Ariana really liked the Avent bottles  so I bought a few more of those on Amazon in the glass version. The nipples are more textured which mimics the breast better (vs. some of the others that are smooth and flat… she’s smart and can tell the difference and won’t take to them as well).
      • Lactation recommendations are to not use a pacifier or bottle until at least 2 weeks of age so they can learn to properly latch to your breast first. They have to adjust their mouth differently to figure out a bottle’s nipple
    • Bottle warmer
      • I didn’t think this was necessary at first, but there is nothing worse than a baby drinking refrigerated breast milk. Do yourself a big favor and buy it.
    • Dishwasher basket
    • Breastmilk freezer bags
    • Lanolin ointment
      • Your nipples will thank you
      • I got mine from Pure Haven. A little goes a long way and it’s totally safe if you apply it on your nipples and your baby wants to feed right after. 
      • You can use Andrea Frey as a consultant

    2nd Trimester Pregnancy Shopping List

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    Baby Sleeping

    • Bassinet
      • We ended up borrowing an Uppa baby bassinet from friends and then wrapped some cozy blankets around the cushion to give it more padding. To prevent SIDS, you have to make sure everything is flat and fitted and nothing is in the bassinet for safe sleeping.
    • Crib
      • I bought a basic white Delta crib on Target that converts to a toddler bed and grows with the baby. It was around $300. I wouldn’t spend $1000s of nursery furniture unless aesthetics are really important to you (Pottery Barn and other stores are so expensive when it comes to this stuff)

    Baby Bathtime

    • Mom kit
    • Baby tub
    • Bath kneeling pads
    • Otteroo
      • This is a fun aid to help them get used to being in the water
      • When Ariana was fed, changed, and in a playful / active mood, she LOVED being in the bath with this
    • Fridababy nail kit and nose aspirator 
    • Hair brush
      • Depending on how much hair your baby has! Ariana had a full set, so this came in handy!

    Baby Diapers

    • Newborn diapers
      • Kirkland / sensitive or fragrance free diapers all the way!
      • I know it’s bad for the environment, but reusable/ cloth diapers just aren’t practical with newborns (in my opinion)
      • Newborn = size 0
        • Ariana was 7lbs after discharge from the hospital, and gained 1 lb. by day 16. We went through 60 diapers in the first 2 weeks.
          • Obviously it’s hard to predict how much your baby will weigh when they’re born, but if you get at least 60 newborn (“N”) diapers to start, you should be in decent shape.
          • You’ll go through about 6-8 a day.
        • If you have a Costco membership, I’d pick up no more than a Kirkland box to get started. Each box has 196 diapers, so you can gift the extras to someone else if you don’t use them all (or avoid buying any right away and use leftovers from someone else if they have too many newborn diapers or if you were gifted a diaper cake during your baby shower).
      • Once baby reaches 14+ lbs, you can move up to size 1 (or just wait until the newborn diapers are too tight around their hips and are making imprints on their skin- for Ariana, that was around 1 month)
      • Size 1, we go through a Kirkland box of 196 about every 2 weeks
      • Amazon Brand – Mama Bear Gentle Touch Diapers, Hypoallergenic, Newborn, 30 Count
        • These were also a reasonable brand. They feel a bit “soggy” when baby has a blowout, but they kept everything locked in without leaks!
    • Diaper Genie
      • Get the Gift Set so you automatically have diaper bag refills.
    • Wipe warmer + wipes
    • Diaper bag

    Newborn Clothes

    • Dresser
      • I recommend buying one with 6 drawers so you have enough room on the top for a changing pad and wipes/supplies
      • You’ll need changing pad covers
      • Waterproof portable changing pad
    • Baby hangers with month markers
    • Swaddles
      • Muslim swaddles are great if you live somewhere warm and don’t have to worry about keeping your little one cozy. For me- being in Fargo- I ended up using more Halo sleep sacks. I felt like they were more secure and prevented her from her startle reflex which can wake them up from sleep. She also really likes having her face by her hands, so the Halo sleep sack can fold them nice and securely in that position.
    • Stain stick
      • Helps to pretreat baby clothes after they spit up. If you don’t treat them right away, they’ll leave residual stains. Sometimes you don’t have a big enough laundry load to throw the clothes into right away, so having a stain stick on hand will help soak up the stains in the meantime.
    • Halo sleep sacks
      • You can buy them sleeveless and with the wraps (depending on their age). Ariana liked having her arms wrapped for the 1st week, but then preferred sleeveless because she could have her hands up by her face
      • Once your baby reaches the age where they can roll, they shouldn’t be swaddled
      • Sleep bags are another good option for when they’re 3+ monthsI heard the Merlin sleepsuit was great, so I ordered it but haven’t used it on her yet because her hands and feet need to be free of the fabric for it to work effectively
    • Onesies that zipper

    Want to know how to safely work your abs during pregnancy and all the benefits that you’d get by doing them?

    Baby Travel Items

    • Travel stroller (compatible with Nuna)
    • Portable breast pump (Elvie- double)
      • HSA eligible
      • Check with your insurance- usually plans will only cover 1 breast pump PER pregnancy. Mine will only be covered if it is also sold at my hospital’s durable medical equipment store (it’s not). The main breast pumps (Medela and Spectra) are typically covered.
      • This one is nice because it’s hands free and doesn’t have tubing (like Freemie). 
      • The other hands free pump is the Willow. 
      • The reason I chose this one is because it has larger storage containers and you don’t have to keep buying the reusable bags from the Willow- which also only store 4 oz… not that much. You’re better off buying milk storage bags online (they hold 6 oz each) and are likely cheaper on Amazon. It also is quieter and has a longer warranty than the Willow. With these things said, however, the one tradeoff is that the Elvie pump tends to leak if you bend over or if it breaks the seal.
      • I ordered the smaller flanges 21mm as well. Be sure to actually measure your nipple according to their instructions so you have the right (or close enough) fit. They won’t let you return it if you order it on their main website or anywhere else other than Amazon. 
      • Oh- if you use the coupon code HELLO10 at checkout, you get 10% off. Saved me $50. If it doesn’t work, you’ll get the 10% by signing up for their emails.
      • If you’re worried about not liking it and want to make sure you have free returns, go the Amazon route. You won’t get the discounts, but it’s $500, so you can have piece of mind that way. Hope that helps!
    • Swimsuits (girl)
    • Swimming diapers
    • Baby safe sunscreen (expensive, but the best quality)
      • Technically, babies aren’t supposed to apply sunscreen until 6 months of age, but because this particular kind is non-toxic (and my Pediatrician cleared it as being okay), it’s good to use on newborns.
        • Less (or none) is always ideal, so use sparingly and keep baby out of the sun altogether
    • Puppy pee pads
      • We haven’t flown yet with Ariana, but friends recommended using a pee pad on the airplane toilet set, underneath your travel diaper changing pad so you don’t have to stress about contact contamination
    • Noise cancelling headphones
      • I haven’t used these yet, but my online research highly recommended this brand.
    • Gate check bag for stroller (and car seat)
    • Beach tent
      • Ideal for shielding the sun on the beach or by the pool

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    In Summary

    Hopefully I saved you a few hours of research with the items on my ultimate baby registry. If you have a specific question about any of the items above, or think I left out an important baby item, be sure to comment below! I’d love to hear your feedback.

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