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    What To Do When You’re Having A Bad Day

    Uh-oh. It’s the morning after a night of over-indulgence. You’re groggy and lethargic and un-motivated. That darn alarm won’t stop ringing and the last thing you want to do is peel off the warm blankets and be exposed to a fresh day of what you think will be saturated with guilt, regret, and having “fallen off the bandwagon.” Virtual high-five; I feel ya. This was me two days ago. Positive mindset? Out the window. Motivation to be kind to my body and self-image? Bu-bye. So how do you beat the blues and jolt yourself back into your healthy and uplifting routine? I’ve got you covered. Take the pressure off yourself by following my; “What To Do When You’re Having A Bad Day” Emergency Checklist outlined below.


    Stick To Your Alarm

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    First thing’s first: get your cute little tushy UP! That’s right. Stop snoozing your alarm. The more it alarms, the more you’ll be annoyed. Keep yourself on track by getting up at your normal time in the morning. You’re allowed to go immediately over to the coffee pot! (my favorite French press: here)

    Prep Something Tasty For Breakfast

    Keep whatever you’re eating light and minimally processed. Typically, I feel a little sluggish and heavy on days after an overindulgence, so I let myself off the hook when it comes to eating breakfast on these days. I don’t do this often, but some days I feel like it’s what my body needs. Whether you choose to eat breakfast or not, do what feels best for your body.


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    Stick To Your Morning Mantra

    I know it’s very tempting to look in the mirror and get started on a litany of negative, mean things about yourself. So, to prevent yourself from going down this road, take out your morning mantra (if you don’t have one, you can download mine for free here) and force yourself to read it out loud. Yes; out loud, and in the mirror. Cheese!


    I know, I know. I’m not your mother. But who doesn’t feel better after a refreshing hot shower?

    Brainstorm A Healthy Dinner Recipe

    A crockpot meal may be a great option on days like today. Dump it all in, crank up the temperature, and let it sit all day. Voila! A healthy, clean, minimally processed dinner will be waiting for you when you get home. (Try my Cajun Cauliflower recipe as a side dish!)

     (<– my favorite)


    Text/ Phone A Friend

    Let them know how you’re feeling today. We all can relate to these days, and sometimes it’s super helpful having a wingman in your corner reminding you that 1) you’re still awesome :), 2) you’ve got this and are in control, and 3) are not alone and are almost through it!

    No Cancellations!

    Stay on track with your schedule. Don’t back out or cancel any of your commitments for the day.

    Eat A Healthy And Clean Lunch

    Avoid sweets, sugar, and processed foods. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. While you’re eating, reflect on things that you are grateful for. Start with the food you’re eating. Consider how lucky you are to have access to such nutrient dense foods that keep us free of a hospital bed. Take inventory of the things in your immediate environment and find gratitude in the small things we tend to take for granted.

    Bust A Sweat

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    I know this can be challenging on these sorts of days. Trick yourself into exercising by telling yourself you only have to commit to the warm up. (If you need a little extra motivation, here’s How To Get Yourself Off The Couch And Burning More Calories). Sometimes the hardest part is the act of physically changing into workout clothes and prioritizing the act of movement above any other agenda items.

    Write down how you feel. I love using my THH Fitness Journal. I have a stack of pages I keep in my gym bag that I enjoy using after my sweat-sesh to immediate reflection on my workout.

    THH 30 Day Fitness Journal

    Enjoy Your Healthy Dinner

    By now, you’ve shed some of the toxins from the night before. After half a day of eating clean and hitting the gym, you may start to notice a shift in your mindset. Encourage further detoxing with a clean and minimally processed dinner. The more wholesome ingredients you use to craft your meal, the better!

    Unwind And Unplug

    I’m all for watching TV and catching up on social media- especially to unwind after a day’s worth of work. Try to shave out 15 minutes in your evening to turn off anything with a blue screen. Shut off the TV, turn your phone on silent and place facedown, and close down your computer screen. Pick up a book, find a pen to journal with, and simply reflect on your day. If you’re not sure where to start, use these two prompts:

    • How did your day go?
    • How do you feel now?


    (This is the book I’m currently reading^^)

    Make Plans For Tomorrow

    What do you hope to accomplish tomorrow? Use the energy and shift in your mindset to set positive intentions for tomorrow. Be excited for another day of eating, exercising, and mindfulness!


    Allow yourself to acknowledge that these days are inevitable and will most definitely recur. They serve as reminders to take inventory of our progress and our mindset. While they can feel disastrous in the beginning, they are FLEETING, so don’t get discouraged! Follow this Emergency Checklist, notify a friend, and stick to your healthy habits and day-to-day routine. Your bad day will be over before you know it.


    For a free downloadable version of the “What To Do When You’re Having A Bad Day” Emergency Checklist, click here.

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