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    When You Lose Yourself; Brittany’s Breakthrough [Testimonial]

    Each year I make resolutions – mostly to get back into shape and lose weight. There is something magical about January 1st. For me it provides a sense of comfort with new beginnings – a chance to start new with a clean slate. It is every day that follows, which makes achieving these resolutions a challenging task. But, I am getting ahead of myself…

    It’s all about baby steps.

    To put it bluntly, my breakthrough is that I have been neglecting myself. In my path to self – destruction, I feel as though I have lost the sense of who I am, what I truly believe in and what I represent. I want to get all of that back!

    A little background information….

    At the ripe young age of 31, I am married to my husband Justin and live in Connecticut with Luna, our crazy dog. I am employed as a Surgical Physician Assistant and LOVE what I do!! I met Kate during our year of Residency with Norwalk Hospital three years ago and we automatically hit it off.

    I have always been active, competitive and fit. It’s only been over the past 4ish years I feel I have been neglecting myself while completing the most challenging part of my life. Clinical rotations followed by Residency does not leave for much time – especially after putting in an average of 80-100 hour work-weeks. Some can find a way to balance it out…but I simply could not, packing on the pounds.


    I felt that if I could not commit to a 60 min. workout a day, then there was no point in working out – WRONG!!!


    Now, for what I am dreading the most…

    I am about 5’6” and weigh about 198 lbs.…. 🙁 How did this happen??

    Wow, that really sucked typing out!!!

    But, that is why I am here, broadcasting my weight journey. Even though it is not all about numbers, I know where I have been and where I feel good.

    • I am committing to losing 43 pounds, putting me at 155 lbs. this time next year. That’s a loss of about 0.8 lbs. a week. Sounds doable….

    I have obviously weighed more, and less, than 155lbs. During those times I was either swimming a minimum of 3 hours a day (able to eat anything) or running 6 miles a day and practically starving myself.

    Some websites say that my ideal body weight is 130 lbs. – ummmm maybe when I was in middle school and already 5’6”??!!

    With a goal weight of 155 lbs, I am just being realistic and trying to set expectations that will not set me up for failure. If I lose more weight – GREAT! But my new motto is slow and steady.

    The main goal of this it to feel good about myself, fit back into my old clothes and reconnect with my mind and body again while still having a social life. [How To Commit To Regaining Control Of Your Health]

    The balance between the two are key!

    Do not deprive yourself, but if you overindulge, that’s ok!  Get back on track by running that extra mile or forgoing that second glass of wine.











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