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    Why Alone Time Is So Important And How To Make The Most Out Of It

    Why alone time is so important

    As I write this post, it’s 5am in the morning. The apartment is quiet, the lights are dim, and I’m nursing a warm cup of black coffee. For those in self-quarantine, lock-down, or social distancing from COVID-19, your morning may extend until…well- maybe all day long?! So what are some fun things to do during your alone time? And why is alone time important for both you and your relationship? Let’s dive in!

    Why Is Alone Time Important?

    As an introvert, I love alone time!

    Don’t get me wrong, when I’m out in public or socializing with my family and friends at events or a holiday I enjoy cranking up the volume, but in general, I prefer to be either alone or with my husband / close friend spending one-on-one quality time together.

    When I’m around a group of people for a long period of time, I tend to become irritable and inpatient. For myself, alone time is an important way for me to restore tranquility, peace of mind, and to simply enjoy a hobby or project quietly and in my own thoughts.

    In the morning, my mind is most at peace. While I nurse my warm cup of black coffee, I use the sacred quiet time to just sit and think.

    I think about my day ahead, how my body is currently feeling, what I can do to nourish it better than the day prior, and how I can move my body in a way to thank it for its strength.

    I also allow myself to just take a few seconds to simply appreciating my health and the health of all of my loved ones.

    Importance Of Alone Time In Relationships

    Having space from your significant other is a very healthy factor in a relationship.

    My husband and I have been together for almost 7 years, and although he is probably one of the only people I can spend almost every waking minute of the day with without getting irritated, I still find alone time to be healthy in rejuvenating our marriage.

    One thing I’ve learned about my marriage is that my husband does not need to be everything to me all the time.

    That’s what girlfriends are for!

    It’s okay to lie in your bed in the afternoon, chatting with your girlfriend about gossip or emotional things while your husband curses at the TV as he competes with his buddies over FIFA Playstation games!

    It’s okay to pick up a fun book and quietly read in a different part of the house for an hour or two while your husband goes for a jog or spends time doing his own hobbies or activities.

    When you and your partner spend time alone doing your own activities, you allow one another to decompress, have time for introspection, and cultivate growth and fresh perspectives on things; all great traits that work well to strengthen a relationship!

    What To Do During Your Alone Time

    Alone time doesn’t have to be boring! There are a lot of fun things that you can do solo!

    • Enjoy a walk outside with a fun podcast episode
    • Go for a bike ride and enjoy the sounds of nature
    • Experiment cooking a new recipe
    • Soak in a bath and make it luxurious with essential oils and lit candles
    • Buy a fun journal on Amazon, like these:
    • Download the free app “Libby” and rent a library book on your phone, iPad, or computer
    • Pick something messy in your house to organize
    • Make a meal plan for the next week (or two)!
    • Watch an inspiring TED talk
    • Give yourself a fun mani / pedi (try painting different colors on different nails)
    • YouTube a new way to do your makeup
    • Listen to music from around the world
    • Write a loved one a card and send it to them in the mail with a decorated envelope
    • Organize folders and documents in your computer
    • Add Rakuten and Honey extensions to your internet browser and automatically save $$ when you shop online. (These companies apply coupons automatically to your cart at checkout!)
    • Find a fun outfit on Pinterest and then recreate the look


    Spending time alone is a great way to ease anxiety, encourage peace and tranquility into your life, and to nurture and support your own relationships.

    Alone time doesn’t have to be boring! Pick an item or two a day from the list above and journal about the experience.

    Have a good idea that’s not on the list? Share it in the comments section below! Let’s see how long of a list we can create!

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