You Did It!

Congratulations! You’ve officially signed up for the TEEN Weight Loss Program!



1) Log in to your account

Save your account login page as a Favorite for easy access:

2) Download the TEEN Workbook

You will have homework assignments from the Workbook as you progress through the Program.

Print, 3-hole punch, and place in a fun binder!

INSTRUCTIONS for the Workbook:

Each week, you will see pages for:

  • Video content summary
  • Weekly habit tracker – Record 1-2 new habits and check off each day as you accomplish your goal(s)
  • Thoughts of the week – Record your thoughts and reflections each day
  • Weekly Confirmations – Highlight your “non-scale victories” (aka- the WINS that don’t involve a number on the scale) and any noteworthy take-aways from the week
  • Weekly Discoveries – Great to use alongside the monthly support group meetings!
  • Journal prompts
  • Week in Review summary
  • Weekly Reassessment

At the END of the workbook, you will see BLANK pages for:

  • Additional Journal pages
  • Challenge Tracker- Sometimes we do challenges inspired by Support Group calls
  • Program Notes – A great place to store your notes from working through the Program videos

Have fun using your Workbook and be sure to upload pictures into the Facebook Group with your progress!

3) Join the Facebook Group!

Click here to gain extra accountability, ask questions, and join other teens as you accomplish your health goals!

4) Take BEFORE (& AFTER) Pictures!

Here’s a great website with instructions on how to take BEFORE and AFTER pictures.

You’re probably thinking…
I can skip this. This takes some effort and I don’t have time to do it right now.

WAIT. It is VERY important that you take your before pictures.
WHY? As you journey through the Program, you may not notice a difference when you look in the mirror, but your body is definitely changing!

Here’s an example from a previous Program Alumni who was SO GLAD she took the time to document photos because she wasn’t sure if her body was actually changing or not!

As you can see, she was definitely making great progress!

teen weight loss program

teen weight loss program

You can also download this free (female) body measurement sheet to track how many inches you lose along the way!

5) Extra Support

Have a question? Something not working correctly?

You can always email me at: thehealthyhabiteer@gmail.com

Or, FB message me at: “Kate Arfaie (Fuss)

That’s it! Now go ahead and GET STARTED!!